I help conscious- minded individuals move from their lethargic status quo to ravenous living through: a.  finding the meaning and purpose in their lives, b.  dropping all addictions, and c. bringing joy and adventure back into their personal and professional lives.


I do this through powerful in person or virtual energy healing and hypnotherapy sessions, online  programs, and one of a kind transformational retreats all over the world.


Dr. Kostina is a Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Transformational Coach, A Healer, a NGH board certified hypnotherapist, and Researcher. 

Dr. Kostina's new book


Dr. Kostina’s groundbreaking book, Finding the G-Spot of Your Soul, helps women find, embrace, and manifest their life purpose through creativity, pleasure, joy, and mining the meaning in their pain. Combining extensive research and empirical data based on her work as a healing practitioner and wellness coach, Dr. Kostina demonstrates that sexual energy, creative energy, and spiritual energy all come from the same place. Dr. Kostina provides readers with a way to apply this principle, utilizing her unique diamond-shaped formula to help people fulfill their unique purpose. ravenously!


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Energy Healing

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Online  Programs

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Reiki 1, 2 Practitioner Training

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Check Our Spiritual Adventures, "Ravenous Retreats"

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