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Energy Analysis & Reiki Session

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1714 W Lawrece Ave, "Ravenous Life Healing Center"

This Energy Scan & Analysis session provides you with a uniquely clear and accurate reading of your strengths— and challenges— that cannot be duplicated with other methods. 


This session will uncover which motivations are authentic to you, and which are acquired through society or family. You’ll learn where imbalances, blocks, or leakages exist in your energetic system, so that you can repair those areas of your life on the aura level, and move forward in life. 


1714 W Lawrece Ave, "Ravenous Life Healing Center"

Here is what you will get in this session:

An assessment of your Aura

Understand YOUR TOP Energies (these determine your motivations, life missions, gifts, and challenges in business and life).

A photo of your aura

See your personal energetic field which includes your aura type AND your energetic centers (chakras) with their blocks, imbalances, and leaks.

A detailed energy profile

Discover your true gifts and challenges as well as understand what blocks you and why. Learn the way to create "flow" in your life

A Reiki healing session

Discover your true gifts and challenges as well as understand what blocks you and why. Learn the way to create "flow" in your life

How does is work?

You will place your hands on our biofeedback equipment


A photo of your energy and a detailed report stating your talents, motivations, life purpose, main aura color, and much more will be generated by the computer


We will analyze your aura, and you will see for yourself, where your energy is impure, stuck or leaking; and how that affects your life


After a complete analysis of your aura you will lie on a massage table and will receive an energy healing session after which you will notice a positive change right away.


My Biofeedback session and chakra balancing session with Marina was long overdue. I wish I had done it sooner because I felt the changes almost immediately. I went into the session feeling insecure and scared about life but open to change and open to learning new techniques for self love and growth. I learned about the different auras that surround my chakras and the vibration in which they resonate. Let’s just say they were resonating very low and I was very closed off and guarded. I did not go into the session thinking I would have a break through but that is exactly what happened. She asked me a question that made me realize I had been lying to myself and that very act of lying to myself was preventing me from living an authentic life and allowing my light to shine. 


The aura balancing was next. Marina gave me some delicious smelling lavender oil and I rubbed it on my hands and face. I laid back and closed my eyes and Marina cleared the negative energy and opened up each chakra point. When I got off the table, I felt a lot lighter, my brain wasn’t running a mile-a-minute, and I was feeling hopeful.

 I have to add that Marina talks to you like an old friend. She doesn’t use complicated terminology or talk down to you in any way. She uses real life analogies and real language. I felt very warm and comforted in her presence.

 Everyone needs to have a Biofeedback session and aura balancing with Marina. I wish I had done mine sooner because I got so much out of it and I can finally start living a more authentic and happy life without shame or judgement


Karin Anderson

Kayne West doing the energy analysis and reiki session with Dr. Marina Kostina


Because of the high volume of customers all appointments are made via text (319) 594-5530 (no calls please)

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