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Alcohol Recovery

Alcohol Recovery Through Alternative Treatment

Sometimes we need an extra push to help us get through our struggles with alcohol addiction. A sound spiritual and emotional strategy can be the edge you need to build a healthier life. Dr. Marina Kostina offers a unique alcohol recovery therapy designed to help her clients finally relieve themselves of their craving for alcohol.


AAHP Reprogramming


Dr. Kostina’s Alcohol Addiction Hypnotherapy Reprogramming (AAHP) treatment empowers her clients, giving them the strength to break the chains tying them to alcohol. The non-invasive method is based on a system that combines the best elements of radical psychology, suggestive psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy.


Three Steps to an Alcohol-Free Life


The three-step session focuses on getting the brain to a place where it is receptive to positive motivation. From there, Dr. Kostina goes over the fundamentals of the program and gets them ready for the final phase.


She encodes the patient’s brain with the psychological programming needed to put the plan into action. She reinforces the suggestions through her manipulation of pressure points around the patient’s head.


Interested? Contact Dr. Kostina at (319) 594-5530 to set up an appointment.



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