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Alcohol Recovery Programs

Alternative Alcohol Recovery Programs in Chicago IL

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to overcoming alcohol dependency is getting to a positive state of mind. Dr. Marina Kostina bases her alcohol recovery programs on the famous Dovzhenko Method, designed to empower clients by allowing them to choose the period during which they worked on making their cravings go away.


Three-Step Healing Process


Dr. Kostina’s three-step Alcohol Addiction Hypnotherapy Reprogramming (AAHP) process results in the brain being encoded with new methods to combat alcohol cravings. They develop an indifference to alcohol and gain the willpower that aids them in successfully overcoming their dependency on alcohol.


Three Requirements for the Program


All patients should prepare themselves by adhering to the following core requirements before following through with the treatment:


  1. Be ready and willing to overcome their addiction to alcohol.

  2. Remain alcohol-free for at least seven days before the session and commit to following through with program recommendations.

  3. Adapt to the methods of the therapist and remain open to positive results.


Contact Dr. Kostina at (319) 594-5530 to set up a session.



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