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Alcohol Treatments

Alcohol Treatments Using Reiki in Chicago IL

Our emotional health makes a real difference when it comes to successfully overcoming dependency on alcohol. The practice of Reiki helps people relieve themselves of impediments blocking them from achieving balance in their spiritual, emotional, and physical lives.


Help Through Spiritual Healing


Dr. Marina Kostina uses the practice of Reiki as part of her Alcohol Addiction Hypnotherapy Reprogramming (AAHP). The patient learns how to achieve the willpower needed to follow through on their desire to break their alcohol addiction. Dr. Kostina reinforces her lessons using Reiki touch therapy to encode the lessons within the brain.


Three Requirements for the Program


All patients should prepare themselves by adhering to the following core requirements before following through with the treatment:


  1. Be ready and willing to overcome their addiction to alcohol.

  2. Remain alcohol-free for at least seven days before the session and commit to following through with program recommendations.

  3. Adapt to the methods of the therapist and remain open to positive results.


Learn more about Dr. Kostina’s alcohol treatments by calling (319) 594-5530.



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