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Alcohol Addiction  Reprogramming

(based on Dovzhenko Method©)

Dr. Marina Kostina has helped countless men and women defeat alcohol addiction and is now offering this service through a specialized single session therapy known as AAHP. This treatment allows the participants to regain control over their addiction, enabling them to live the life they truly deserve

What is AAP?

AAHP stands for Alcohol Addiction Hypnotherapy Reprogramming. It is a one-time psychotherapeutic treatment based on the Dovzhenko Method designed to cease all dependence on alcohol. It empowers the client by allowing them to choose the period of time they want cravings to subside.


Established in Protopopov, Russia, this non-invasive method quickly became popular due to its simplicity, effectiveness, and safety in the 80s.


Dovzhenko has a famous, prominent follower, Alexander Gontovoj who shared his unique and secret system with very few therapists in the world. Dr. Marina Kostina is one of those therapists.

How does it work?

Method Dovzhenko© is a unique system based on suggestive psychotherapy, radical psychology, and hypnotherapy. During the session psychological programming is used to offer the client a master plan for an alcohol-free life. The basis of this alcohol prohibition is not fear as is often used with medication treatments. As the client moves through this treatment, alcohol cravings cease and ultimately indifference towards alcohol is established during the term of the treatment. During the session, the presence of the therapist is continuously felt by the client. This provides a calm which helps strengthen the nervous system and the client’s will power which greatly aids in the successful treatment of addiction or dependency. Research has validated the effectiveness of this method based on scientific findings through psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, narcology, and hypnosis.

Step #1

This hypnotherapy session does not use classical hypnosis, meaning you will not be put to sleep. The client will be awake, aware, relaxed, and comfortable. They will be focusing their attention on the bridge located between the therapist’s eyes which will allow the brain to get to the theta state. This is the state that is most effective for suggestions and programming. Once the client reaches this state, motivational programming will be conducted. This programming will be based on basic principles of living a life free of alcohol. We will use concrete examples, illustrations, and simple imagery. At the end of this step, the therapist will guide the client towards a personal belief in their own healing.

Step #2

In this next step, the therapist will explain how the client will get overcome his addiction as well as the fundamentals of the method, preparing them for step three.

Step #3

This is the psychological programming stage. The psychological suggestions that were stated previously are now encoded into the client’s brain. They are then strengthened via somatic activation by pressing biologically active pressure points on the head of the client.

Outdoor Extreme Sport

1. The will and desire of the client to overcome alcohol addiction.

2. An alcohol-free week (7 days) prior to the treatment, and the fulfillment of the recommendations of the therapist during the entire term of the treatment.

3. The personal and professional attributes of the therapist to create positive results.

Preparation for the Session:

The first requirement of successful treatment is a sincere voluntary desire to heal. Such sincere desire can only be felt in a sober state. For this reason, we request that all clients abstain from the use of alcohol for at least seven days prior to the session. This brief abstention term is necessary for clearing the body from all toxins and diminishing the effect of alcohol on the brain and nervous system. Prior to the session do not take any psychotropic medications, coffee or other stimulating drinks. Before the session begins it is imperative to prepare your mind for success.


We suggest that you do not discuss your treatment decision with friends or family ahead of time in order to avoid negative influences from others and their projections of personal fears or insecurities. It is important to note that treatment immediately following your initial free consultation may only begin if you to come to the consultation sober, being alcohol-free for no less than seven days.

Why Choose Dr. Marina Kostina?

Guaranteed success

If the client is not happy with the results of the session or if they need to strengthen the code, the follow-up treatments during the established term are absolutely free. Usually, however, this does not happen as the results are felt after just 1 session.

In very rare cases when the client believes the session was not completely effective, they can come for another session ABSOLUTELY FREE.


Individuality and Confidentiality

Each session is confidential and is conducted in a one-on-one manner which enables the participant to achieve the best results possible. Each client will undergo a free consultation session which will explain the procedure, all requirements, and the method. Only after this session will they make an informed decision of whether to proceed with the treatment or not.


On-going Support

After the treatment, all clients will have an option to enroll in an online support program that will help them create new, more effective life habits. This will strengthen their self-esteem, willpower, and create new tools for dealing with difficult and stressful life situations. They will also have access to 1-1 guidance with Dr. Kostina.


Note: while the enrollment into the program is highly suggested, it is not required for the success of the treatment.

Session's Cost= $600

~ Free consultation
~ 1-2 "tune up sessions"
~ 100% success guarantee 
* you need to follow ALL orders of the therapist

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Note: This service is great for those who might not have the dependency but who wants to quit drinking alcohol

Attention, National and International Travelers!

1. We provide  VIP airport pick up and drop off in a Black Lincoln SUV  ($100 round trip, compare to $240)

  --> This option also includes FREE round trip to the healing center from your hotel and back 

2. Suggested Hotels in the area:


#1 Reiki Energy Healing Session

Because  I am so proud of you and so excited for you to return to your true essence, I will give you a FREE Reiki session when you come for the follow-up code strengthening appoitnment, so you can clear all old vibrations, detox your energetic body and raise your frequency.

#2 Online Support Program

To provide you continuous support and give you the tools to increase your self-worth, happiness and ability to create meaningful relationships, I created online programs for women and men, that can be completed as a course or used as a resource! You will get access to them absolutely FREE. 

For Men

For Women

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