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Aura Photography

Aura Photography in Chicago IL


Think of your aura as an energy field surrounding you. Everything about you, from your physical health to your emotional well-being, reflects in the layers of energy that make up your aura. Dr. Marina Kostina offers aura photography that lets you see the phenomena in action.


How Does Aura Photography Work?


The non-invasive process can be completed in one 20-minute session. You place your hands on our biofeedback equipment. We use your input to create a photo showcasing your main aura color. You also receive a report detailing the other less-visible layers in your aura and what they represent when it comes to what motivates you, what your purpose is in life, and many other insights.


  • Learn how you can help relieve the stresses in your life

  • See what truly makes you happy

  • Learn how you can help yourself overcome challenges


Make an appointment for aura photography today by calling (319) 594-5530.


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