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Aura Photo

Find Your Predominant Color and What it Means

1714 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, Il, 60640 "Ravenous Life Healing Center"

This Aura Photo session provides you with a uniquely clear and accurate portrait of your aura and demonstrates your most predominant color and a detailed description of what it means for your life.


The report includes a digital photo that can be printed and framed, and a detailed report showing 

Your main motivations, challenges and obstacles in life and gives basic suggestions for improving your life.


1714 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, Il, 60640

How does is work?

You will place your hands on our biofeedback equipment


A photo of your energy and a detailed report stating your talents, motivations, life purpose, main aura color, and much more will be generated by the computer


Kayne West got his aura photo with Dr. Marina Kostina


Because of the high volume of customers all appointments are made via text (319) 594-5530 (no calls please)

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1714 W Lawrence Ave
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