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Do you know that research shows that people who love themselves and their bodies are more likely to be nice to others? In your decision to change yourself you are actually contributing to healing this world. So I want to SALUTE and CELEBRATE YOU!

To thank you for taking responsibility for your own life, I am giving away with this FREE, magical, pattern-shifting ​report that will help you change your relationship with food once and for all. 

Inside this report you will learn 5 secrets of WHY you may have a toxic relationship with food, You will discover:

#1. Why diets don't work and why you need to use INTENTION instead;

#2. Psychological reasons behind your weigh loss journey;

#3. Which emotion contributes to your "problem zones";

#4. The REAL reasons of extra weight;

#5. Your unique TYPE of relationships with food (a test that will blow your mind!)

Get Your FREE Game-Changing

Report in just 1 CLICK:

Body with Intention PDF cover.png

Love, Dr. MK

Are You Ready to Heal Your Relationship with Food?

STOP being a victim to your GENES, a slave to your DIETS, and a captive to your OLD HABITS!


Dr. Marina Kostina is a certified hypnotherapist, an energy healer and a coach. She is also a certified Yoga and Zumba instructor. She is a former Salsa and Belly Dance performer.

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