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a 3 hour virtual transformation session

a self-paced experience

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As a naturally curvy woman who can gain weight in a matter of hours, I would have wrestled a small dragon to have someone tell me how to get and stay in shape.

I remember Googling, "how to lose weight fast”, “how to have the body of your dreams without dieting” digging through the Internet for any sign of real, legitimate techniques that work for normal people. not genetically engineered models.

Instead, all I found were diets, exercise bootcamps, pills, and more diets. None of that seemed like fun at all; in fact, it seemed like torture.

I searched forever to understand how to work on my genetics, on my metabolism and on my cravings for Nutella, sweetened condensed milk and Dulce de Leche ice-cream (yum!), and how to actually have a life that I love AND be in the shape that I craved.

Another diet? More Zumba classes? A Hail Mary?

So you can imagine the exhilaration I felt when I finally found THE WAY to be in my body and WITH my body that worked for ME!

Once I realized that it is not my GENES or my slow METABOLISM that keep me away from my ideal weight, but my emotional needs that are unfulfilled, my limiting beliefs about eating, and my toxic relationship with food—everything changed.

Body with Intention is based on YEARS of my coaching, healing and hypnotherapy practice. It is NOT another diet or another exercise approach.

It is the way of loving your body and CHOOSING it’s shape at different times of your life. We are ever-changing beings; our weight fluctuates with various events and seasons.  Body with Intention is about healing your toxic relationship with yourself, so you can shed the weight along with your limiting beliefs, irrational views, and habits that no longer serve you.

 Are You Ready to Heal Your Relationship with Food to Live a RAVENOUS LIFE?

STOP being a victim to your GENES, a slave to your DIETS, and a captive to your OLD HABITS!

This Transformational Session Includes:

PART I: Conscious Discovery of Your Real Reasons for Extra Weight (through Coaching & Psychology Strategies).

Here you will learn:

#1. The #1 reason why you are overeating in the first place (it is NOT what you think!)

#2. The mortifying truth of the TYPE of over-eater you are (you need to know it so you can meet and punch that sucker in the face once and for all).

#3. The exact formula needed to re-write your irrational beliefs about food and the perceived secondary benefits you get from over-eating.

#4. The magical technique for keeping that fridge shut! No matter what!

#5.  The “BIG YES” factor that your body, mind and soul need in order to stop needing extra food using, NLP principles.

#6. A plan for how to CHOOSE the body you want at a particular stage in your life and be OK with it!

PART II: Subconscious Re-Wiring of Your Limiting Beliefs & Creating Lasting Change on a Molecular, Cellular Level  (through Hypnosis).

In this portion of the training you will be sitting in a trance-like state while your subconscious mind will be accessed through hypnotic suggestions that will change your biology and psychology

A hypnotic gastric band will be created to help you control your portions & reduce food cravings.

PART III: Targeted Elimination of Craving 

(through Emotional Code Approach).

For this part please contact Helena (see the link below). Mention "body with intention" for a free craving eraser

Yummy Bonuses:

#1 Affirmations to get you motivated that actually work!

#2 Self-Hypnosis Audio to Lose those pounds

#3 Meditation to stabilize metabolism, and detox all cells

#4 All handouts and recording of the training

#5 Healthy Deserts Recipes

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You can also send the payment via Zelle to

or Venmo: Marina Kostina


If you have serious eating disorder, we will need to see a note from your doctor prior to your attendance of this worksop.

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Helena Jehnichen is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist helping men and women to overcome their bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking and weight issues. With over 3 decades working in the health and wellness industry, she incorporates her knowledge in Hypnotherapy and The Emotion Code, which enables her clients to experience rapid results and relief from their most pressing issues. Clients become successful when sabotaging limiting beliefs and negative perceptions are identified, removed and replaced with new positive emotions and beliefs.



Dr. Marina Kostina is a certified hypnotherapist, an energy healer and a coach. She guides consciously-minded people from their lethargic, stagnant status quo to RAVENOUS life- life full of passion, joy and adventure. She is also a certified Yoga and Zumba instructor, and a former Salsa and Belly Dance performer.

What others are saying?


"The event was unbelievable fulfilling.. "


"The event was great. I learned so much about my relationship with food. I usually snack a lot all evening, just out of habit and today I did not have any cravings"



"It was an excellent workshop. I learned so much!"


"Thank you for the beautiful session! I appreciate all the tools I learned and all magical hypnotic experiences I participated in!"



"Just went to the store got lots of like lettuce -- salmon !"


"It was a fantastic afternoon for me. Thank you! Motivated for the new year and making plans, feel a different mind set"




You can also send the payment via Zelle to

or Venmo: Marina Kostina

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