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Keep on Shining, diamond!

Hey there, diamond!


You are amazing... not only did you finish the entire course but you also stopped by here, on this bonus page. Self-worth and self-love are LIFE LONG PROCESSES, which means that the work is never done:-)


While you gained incredible tools and shifted your perspectives so you will never be stuck again in life, it is inevitable that sometimes life will bring you lemons... and in order not to get back to the sour rhinestone stage, I am giving you some cool tools (3-5 min long) to turn those lemons into a sexy Mojito of Self-Love:-)


I hope you will enjoy these fun, small bites often humorous bites of happiness. 


If there is any topic that is missing from this page, please let me know by sending me an email to:


Keep on shining, my diamond. You are not alone. I am always right here with you, and your divine is available 24/7. 



Self-Esteem booster meditation (when you feel down)

When you seem to feel like a failure again:

When others dim your light: How to Deal with Emotional Vampires 

What to do when you feel like you have no time?

When you catch yourself OVERGIVING.. again!

Fear of abandonment got the best of you even after this course??

How to get out of a FUNK?

Stop abusing your divine

Why do I still feel so much pain???

A magical formula for manifesting your dreams

How to prevent nervous breakdown and pain?

How to stop feeling guilty about money?

Why am I not achieving my financial goals?

If you want to learn how to turn your life purpose into a profitable business, check out my program:

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