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(PRIVATE Book Launch Soiree/ Empowerment & Networking Party)

WHEN: January 24th, 2019 @ 5:30pm to 8:30 pm

WHERE: at the “Lab on Lake"

(3450 West Lake Street, Chicago, Il)

*super easy street parking!'

**right across from the Garfield Park Conservatory, steps from the Green line

I invite you to an evening of mutual empowerment, where under the umbrella of my book we discuss what it is to Find the G-Spot of Your Soul.


book cover 3 d.png

During this event powerful, successful, happy top go-to experts and celebrities in business and happiness will share their wisdom on the most important components of RAVENOUS LIVING:

~ spirituality

~ creativity

~ sexuality

~ fear

~ pain

~ self-doubt

~ authentic self-expression

~ self-love and body image

~ pleasure and joy

You will also be inspired and moved (literally!) by incredible performances of local talents. To top it off you will have a powerful networking opportunity connecting with like-minded and "like-vibed" ladies and be able to promote your own businesses as well as build relationships. Reiki Training


This power-energy event is not just a regular book signing. This is a life-changing evening for those who want to find their "Joie de Vivre", reclaim their voices, bring back the spark into their eyes and live with passion and purpose.

In the world today, we as women are expected to push, persevere, conquer and succeed… but… in the midst of proving our aptitude to others, we never get the space for our own happiness and self-gratification. We are often completely bereft of the elements that constituted our pleasure and self-esteem because we are stuck in the maelstrom of obligations and making others content.

This is an event for you if you:

  • want something MORE—more joy, passion, sex, meaning--

  • are exhausted from over-functioning and looking out for everyone else, except yourself.

  • are afraid that you are “too_____” (old, young, big, small, educated, uneducated….- fill in the blank here)

  • believe that you have “bad luck” when it comes to relationships or money

  • want to have deeper connections with people and find a group of supportive, inspiring women.

  • doubt your abilities and dislike your body

  • feel stuck in one or more areas of your life

  • are trapped in the current job or are not sure what to do with your life..

Our Inspiration Team:

Dr. Marina Kostina

(Your Hostess& The Author)

Dr. Marina Kostina is a life and business fulfillment coach who uses research and energy work to help people break out of their lethargic, “status quo” existence, by connecting with their life purpose and aligning their entire business with their authentic selves so they never feel like they are selling their souls.

Her new book Find the G-Spot Of Your Soul: How to Move from Lethargic to Ravenous Living has already been featured in Thrive Global, Authority Magazine and is going to be covered by Hay House Radio and Hay House Live.

thrive global png.png
hayhouse recolored.png
authority magazine logo.gif

The Event Organizer: Beatrice Davis

CEO Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc.


Celebrity MCs


Mika Stambaugh

President and Founder at TMI

an Emmy award-winning journalist


Nakita Nicci

Bravo Television Personality/Media Expert/CEO/


Dolly Cortes

Author, CEO of  Rose Gold Publishing, LLC

Our Star Guest Speakers

info on her here


lola Wright


Spiritual Director, Bodhi Spiritual Center


Sara Connell


Celebrity Author and Writing Coach


Traci S. campbell


CEO, BIBO Worldwide, LLC & Founder, The BIBO Foundation/ BIBO Awards


Ericka Porter

erica porter.jpg

Owner of EDIT TALENT GROUP and Chicks That Pitch


Rebecca borges


Founder, Borges Design President, FemCity Chicago


Actress, Playwright, Author, Business Owner

Blanche Blacke


CEO & Founder of  the Chakra Shoppe


Guests of Honor

(the secret will be revealed at the party)


Fermina Ponce


Judy Oshita


Merle Kaplan

Photography: Brissa del Mar, Breeze Art Creatives        Videography: Angel Zuniga, No Limit Production

Star Vocalist: Typhanie Monique


Special Performance by: Bianca Sawyer

Hospitality Dream Team: Lilian Dircio, Barbara Howard, Julia Klein, Eileen Camba, Deborah Jimenez

Bartender: Vanessa Zavala

It’s time for us as women to drop the victim role and start understanding our connection with something larger than this physical world. It is time to understand that we triple our results when we join the forces, that we crave sisterhood like oxygen and that this powerful union of women together provokes rapid shifts in your consciousness (something that would usually take years to change).

This event is not just about my book, it is really all about YOU and your relationship with yourself…. but when you start taking care of your inner "goddessness", you start positively affect your life outwards: your work, romance, abundance, health and overall well-being.

Imagine making love to everything in your life, to wake up on a Monday morning feeling ecstatic, to look forward to growing older, to loving your body, yourself and your life….. That is what happens when you Find the G-Spot of Your Soul.  It is TIME, my darlings…..



We will accept payments at the door - $30

Your investment includes:

~ your pass to the inspirational mini-conference led by top-notch speakers

~ your signed copy of “Find the G-Spot of Your Soul: How to Move from Lethargic to Ravenous Living”

~ 1 complimentary drink (cash bar available)

~ appetizers, desserts and healthy sexy snacks!

Evening Attire:

Get your sexy on! Comfy shoes (lots of standing & dancing),  bring your hip scarf (coin scarf or any scarf you can wrap around your waste).

Our Vendors & Sponsors:

Gold Sponsor- Carlos Lopez (Branch Manager, Lincoln Park Stearns Home Loans)

gf mom.png

Ruppert Woodworking

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Transparent Logo (Color).png
knit tatiana.jpg

MK Autosales


Independent Representative

Pl-Zen Restaurante & Cantina

World Tree Healing

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