Setting Boundaries For Givers

February 28th, 2pm CST 2021

online transformational session

We lock the apartment with a key, the car is guarded by an alarm, we check if the backpack is closed, if the wallet and credit cards are safe. But often, while protecting things, we forget to take care of our internal security. Each of us has personal boundaries. And only we can decide where our borders are, who is allowed in, and who is absolutely prohibited.

Personal boundaries are exclusively our personal space: interests, beliefs, principles, values. They are the invisible border between us and other people. We cannot see personal boundaries, but we feel them perfectly. We are protected and free when the boundaries are drawn. And we get annoyed when they are violated.

If you are a giver, you probably can relate to the feeling of being taken for granted and even used.

You give your heart away, you literally think day and night of other people's problems... yet... when you need help or a shoulder to lean on... you find yourself alone... Sound familiar?

You desperately want to change this.....




-> How do you set your own boundaries without disrespecting others?


-> How do you continue to give without taking away from yourself?

In this 2 hr transformational experience you will :

---> Understand various types of boundaries and how they make you feel;

--->  Get a checklist of healthy boundaries, so you know when you are true to yourself & when you betray yourself;

--->  Realze when your boundaries are violated, so you can easily and quickly correct this situation;

--->  Chose the way to protect your personal boundaries that feels RIGHT;

--->  Practice protecting your boundaries with other participants, so you get a feedback right away and learn to be firm while staying open, loving and giving:


--->  Learn to say NO without being aggressive or pushy, or feeling guilty.

In this session I combine coaching, hypnotherapy and energy work.

$67 or $97 0r $127

Choose what you want to invest!

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Why is this a paid training?

I want to "walk the talk" and show you how to set boundaries, even when you are giving. When you charge for your time/ expertize/ knowlegde you shift energetically to a virbation of abundance and at the same time teach others how to respect you, your time, your knowledge and your energy! But I want to give you an option to choose which investment resonantes deeply with you!

What if I can't make it live?

The session will be conducted over Zoom. Once you register, I will send you all details. If you have to miss our live session, you will be sent a recording. However, I encourage you to attend a live session so you can enjoy connecting with others and practicing establishing your new boundaries in a safe environment.