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Chakra Healing Boxes

These hand picked items are created for your  personalized spiritual and energetic healing. Each chakra box is designed to heal problems related to that energy center.

Use on their own or in combination with energy healing sessions.

Indulge yourself in Ravenous Life through a spiritual and energetic healing box designed to tackle problems related to each chakra.. Now is a beautiful time, given the current global situation, to self-reflect, connect to the Divine, and find peace within yourself. Each box contains  organic 10-12 items hand-picked for that chakra to help you navigate your particular situation. There are smudging tools, oils, and incense that help you clear negative vibes from your life, charged with healing REIKI energy by Dr. Marina Kostina  beauty items, mantra stones, powerful pieces of protection, description of the chakra and healing techniques. This also makes a great gift for loved ones and allows you to maintain your self-care routine through busy schedules. You can use them on your own or in combination with healing sessions.  Treat yourself, listen to your intuition, and start your healing journey.  

All for only $45 plus tax  (for picking up at the center in Chicago or shipping for remote locations.

7 magical chakra healing boxes


Which box do you need?


You need it if you have:

Struggle with body and weight, holding the energy from birth issues, survival patterns, generational patterns, money issues, food and health issues, grounding  & belonging, nightmares, feelings of disconnect


You need it if you have: 

Struggles with reproductive system, bladder, hips, lower back, addiction tendencies, sexuality, trust issues, often being used or abused, guilt or inability to fully enjoy life, emotional overreactions


You need it if you have problems with:

Digestion, liver, gall bladder, smaller intestine, pancreas issues, self-esteem issues , low energy, metabolism issues, liver, anger, poor self-control, irritability, ulcers, acid reflux, anxiety


You need it if you have problems with:

Heart  issues, broken heart, grief, resentment, remorse, over-giving, being taken for granted, commitment issues. depression, feeling lonely, lungs, lymph issues, allergies, blood pressure, circulation (cold hands/ feet), asthma


You need it if you have problems with:

Poor communication, Judgement, Sarcasm, Poor Decision Making, Inability to express oneself (or aggression/ tantrums), throat thyroid gland issues, sinuses, gum, TMI, mouth ulcers, swollen glands, jaw, mouth, neck


You need it if you have problems with: 

Brain tumors, stroke, blindness, deafness, seizures, learning difficulties, neurological disorders, sinuses, eyes, ears, headaches, inability to connect with intuition


You need it if you have problems with: 

Upper brain, hypothalamus, migraines, tension headaches, inability to see the higher guidance,

and so much more!

Get Your Chakra Healing Boxes


- Hand-picked just for your challenges

- Organic and hand-made

- Perfect for a meaningful present 

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