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How do you feel in your Bed and your Business right now?


If your answer is

“Like a Hot Mess” or “Not So Hot”

… Read On

BED AND BUSINESS are somehow two most vulnerable areas in our lives where we are become the stars in our own Sh*t Show.

Since you were taught to only love one certain “acceptable” aspects of yourself—such as “the good” “the nice” and “the pretty”—facing anything that is imperfect, vulnerable, or shady scares the holy jalapeno out of you…

So, you hide… you avoid this exploration… you don’t face those dark, secret places. Instead you push, conquer, achieve, set new goals. You are constantly moving and focusing on the bright shiny distractions outside, straying away further and further from your true self inside. Meanwhile, your deepest desires, pleasure, and enjoyment are all neglected and covered with a thick layer of dust…


Then after long days of struggling, completely depleted, exhausted, and unsatisfied you look at yourself in the mirror and with pride and affirm yourself as “strong and independent.” Strong… and independent… but inside you feel lonely and unfulfilled even when others are around. You can’t remember the last time you felt really satisfied, pleasured, or abundant.



You’ve been fighting your way upstream. You see, according to smart Yogis, nothing that we TRULY need is located upstream. Everything for you is downstream, in the flow – where we find fulfillment and true happiness.


What does it mean to be in the flow? It means that you are in the vibrational alignment with things, people, and circumstances that are beneficial for you.


In this workshop Tazima Davis, MA (Sexuality & Intimacy coach) and Dr. Marina Kostina (Self-worth & Net-worth coach) will teach you how to be the woman in the flow….


A woman in the flow is OPEN for great things to happen in her life, she has the “space” inside of her and in her psyche that allows her to BELIVE that she deserves such goods in life and she is full of gratitude when she receives all the benefits of life.


A woman in the flow has orgasm, multiple,

Earth-shattering orgasms in both Bed and Business.

By the end of this 3 hr workshop you will learn how to:

  1. Lean back, create space, & ATTRACT MORE ABUNDANCE in your relationships and business.

  2. Ask for what you REALLY want (and GET it) from your partner and in your business.

  3. Become more RADIANT with less effort as you ENJOY the juicy goodness of life, giving your LOVE from the overflow.

  4. Discover the secrets that make YOU the moolah MAGNET in your business.

  5. REALLY achieve and attract PLEASURE in both B&B. (Yep, business can be and must be a pleasurable experience, otherwise you might as well get a job!).

  6. Have more “Big O’s” {aka orgasms} in all areas of your life.

  7. Pay attention to what brings you PLEASURE and make it A PRIORITY.

  8. Ask yourself for advice…and the CONFIDENCE to TRUST it.

  9. Get the COURAGE to say “F*#% you” to the opinions of others.



~ You will connect with like-minded powerful, inspirational sisters that can become your support system and your strategic alliances

~ Have the opportunity to get your inner goddess captured by one of the most talented photographers in Chicago (just check our event cover and your will understand!)

~ Explore your spirituality and raise your vibration through the energetic practices

~ Nourish your body with sensual, relaxing massages, facials and healthy, organic food


have a glass of bubbly to make the whole experience just a tad more sexy and sensual.


Remember that you are the authority when it comes to your life, yet you can stay soft, no matter what the circumstances.


We invite you to flow and expand your creativity, sexuality, sensuality and abundance… since all of these energies come from the same source.

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Tazima Davis is a sex & intimacy coach supports professional women over 40 to move from resentful to radiant and from frustrated to fulfilled in their romantic relationships. She also supports committed couples to overcome the challenges that undermine intimacy. Tazima consistently creates safe spaces for sensitive and transformative conversations wherever she goes whether one-on-one, on stage, or intimate private gatherings. She coaches and teaches in cities across the country including New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Reiki Master Course

Dr. Marina Kostina is a business mentor at the Richard Branson Center for Entrepreneurship, an Amazon-Best selling author, an Award -winning business coach, and 7 X winner of the US Department of Defense grants.

She blends deep soul healing, energy work,  mindset shifting coaching techniques, and savvy business strategy, which allows each client to secure incredible results

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