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Module 2: 

Skin and Bone Your Limited Beliefs

-->>#1 Do Your Dynamic Vision Board 

(Choose 1 from M1 daily)

-->>#2 Do Meditation for this week:

Into the NOTHINGNESS - Dr Marina Kostina
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-->> #3 Watch the Video: Comparison & Envy

Activity A. Stopping Comparison at Its Core

~ Go to your Facebook or other social media site Notice when success of others makes you feel weird. Write it down- write down at least 10 instances of this. 

 ~ Circle those instances that logically fall into the same category (these categories- are your biggest  difficulties and your biggest gifts)

~ Notice similar reaction to peoples success during your day. What category got triggered? Stop yourself from going down the cycle and thank that person for showing you that you can have it too. ~ ~ Make an actionable plan for activities that you can do to increase your skills in that category. For example if you notice that you get jealous by your colleagues intelligent comments during a meeting. STOP before you go into the cycle. Thank him (not verbally) for showing you that you are also capable of this. Take some actions so you could also be as smart in this area (maybe commit tp reading more about your profession every week, or do extensive research of the topic before your meetings?)

Activity B. Journal of DEEDS

~ Start your calendar of DEEDS. every day write down at least 10 deeds you did this day and connect them with various features of your personality that demonstrate your inner "hero" "provider" and "protector". Submit every day!

-->> #4 Watch the Video: Get Out Of The Triangle Game

Activity C. Get out of the Triangle

 Create  a symbol of the TRIANGLE (draw on the wrist, save on the phone, etc)- that you can see all the time. 

~ During the day notice, when you are "playing one of the roles" - get out of the triangle= choose the approach that will be neither victim, predator or savior. Write down EACH instance during the day

-->> #5 Watch the Video: Get Out of the Evaluation Prison

Activity D. Get Out of the Evaluation Prison

~ Put a rubber band on your wrist (or get creative with a reminder) and anchor yourself every time you evaluate things, events, people and yourself as +  or -

~ Get out of the one dimensional thinking, analyse, what FOR is this event/ person/ emotion? 

~ When someone criticizes you, use the Magic Wand technique and analyze, whether they are "fans" or players". If they are fans- peacefully ignore, if they are players- ask how they could collaborate/ teach you, etc..

-->> #6 Fill Out Analytical Survey

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