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Multiply Your Impact & Income Online

Create your online presence so you can stop exchanging  hours for dollars


~ Got a rocking business idea but stuck at making it "real"?

~ Tired of exchanging hours for dollars working 1-1 with your clients?

~ Realized that online is the way to go, but have no clue how to start?

~ Overwhelmed with looking for a web designer, a logo creator, a curriculum professional or a developer who can put together your online products and courses?

MULTIPLY YOUR IMPACT AND INCOME is a 1-stop solution for expanding your business online

Reiki for Success

We are leading professionals in this field and have been among pioneers of online training and learning since 2005. In fact, Dr. Marina Kostina's dissertation and her Amazon bestselling book are dedicated to this topic. She is a winner of 7 grants from the US Defense Department that supported the development of online courses for the University of Iowa. As a business mentor at the Richard Branson Center for Entrepreneurship, Marina has developed online courses and products all over the world for Universities, schools, colleges corporations and small business owners. She even traveled to South Africa to create distance learning opportunities for remote areas to help stop the cycle of poverty in that country. 

Reiki for Success


Online Courses

An online course for the University of Iowa

Meet a super fun, interactive, online, multi-media course on Russian Folklore that does not feel like a boring study but more like a game.... That is what we do- take a difficult to process topic and convert it into a fun game-like course that you can take from anywhere in the world on your phone, tablet or computer.

This project was sponsored by STARTALK grant.

This is a super fun, easy to follow and very hands on course for professionals who spend a lot of their time on the road. We created this interactive course for our client Inna Pasalis with professionally done, educational yet short and engaging videos, useful templates and cheat sheets as well as interactive activities to check how well the users understood information.

Watch this 3 min video to go behind the stage of Productivity Anywhere.

An online course for Productivity Anywhere

Interactive Activities


Mujer Renace

Reiki for Success

Productivity Anywhere

Reiki for Success

Healthy Shapes by Leslye

Reiki for Success
hows it work

Logos and Business Cards

Reiki for Success
Reiki for Success

Video Bumpers

Video bumpers are branded short videos that make your brand recognizable online.  If you see the lion roaring, you think of MGM movies right away, right? So can your brand come alive online. 


Reiki for Success

This journey has been so amazing!!! I came to Marina with one idea, my own skincare products, by the third module I felt stuck, but one morning I had an aha moment and loads of information started to download, not only in my head, but in my heart and spirit. I finally knew that my mission was bigger than anything else. I spoke to Marina about this shift that was occurring, and instantly she aligned with me. Together we did magic!!! She was so amazing, she saw what was in my heart, mind and spirit and made it into a beautiful reality! Exactly how I dreamed it, there it was, so perfect, so me!!! Marina not only is she so talented, creative, but has an amazing sensitive spirit!!! I am now being called to speak at events and will be interview at a radio station and will take this message and course to other states and countries. Mexico is already scheduled. And as a bonus, my skincare products business is doing amazingly well! Thank you Dr. Marina Kostina, I am blessed to have you in my live!!!

Lety Veytia, CEO Mujer Renace


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Dr. Kostina's Select Conference Presentations on the Topic of Online Training & Online Program Development:

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.
United States Distance Learning Association. St. Louis, MO.
Malaysian Health Care Institute Summit.
National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages. Chicago, IL.
The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium. Notre Dame, IN.
Blended Schools annual conference.
American Teachers of Slavic and Easter European Languages, Pasadena, CA.
International Forum for Women in e-Learning (IFWE), Albuquerque, NM.
Iowa World Language conference. Des Moines, IA.


Reiki for Success

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