An Award-Winning Life & Business Fulfillment Coach, Dr. Marina Kostina delivers hands-on, engaging workshops and speaking events where her audience co-creates content with her and walks away with concrete action steps. She blends humor and psychology, and balances both traditional approaches with the energy work that allows her to secure incredible results for her clients.

Signature Workshops

How to charge what you are worth without selling your soul?

There’s a major problem among many heart-centered entrepreneurs - how to charge more. You will learn 3 steps that will help you get psychologically, energetically, and emotionally READY to raise your prices, choose the services that resonate with your life purpose, AND market them in the way that is aligned with your soul without you appearing greedy. 


Audience: Entrepreneurs who are over=worked and under-paid

Duration: 45min to 2 hrs

Interactivity: Hands-on Activities, Templates, Games, Group and Pair work


Find the G-Spot Of Your Soul

This workshops is based on the activities from Dr. Kostina's book Find the G-Spot Of Your Soul: Move from Lethargic to Ravenous Living.

The audience will fill our the "diamond formula" that will encourage them to tap into their psyche, realize their blocks as well as main motivations, and move closer to finding their life purpose. 


Audience: Adults who feel stuck in one or more areas of their lives and who want to have more meaning, joy and passion in their lives.

Duration: 45min to 2 hrs

Interactivity: Hands-on Activities, Templates, Games, Group and Pair work



Goddess Groove: Belly Dance Inspired Empowerment Workshop

In our society women are often disconnected from their feminine energy and are not happy with their bodies. This workshops teaches women about 7 female archetypes and activates their energy for each of them. By the end of the workshop you will:. a. Learn a choreography that is based on the practiced moves. b. Become more sensual in dancing and life in general.  c. Connect with and appreciate your body.

You will see immediate results in your energy levels, posture, and overall flexibility. You will also surround yourself with like-minded, positive sister goddesses who will uplift your spirit and might become life-long friends. 

Audience: Adults who are feeling stuck and without purpose, who want to find more meaning, passion and joy

Duration: 2 hrs

Interactivity: 7 Archetypes explanation, basic belly dance moves, a full choreography (cheat sheet provided)

Scarves are sold at the workshop

Shimmy Therapy

Check out Dr. Marina Kostina's signature Shimmy Therapy where she sets the crowd on fire after her speaking presentation.

Engaging and Hands-On!

Every workshop is highly interactive, engaging and hands-on!


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