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Smoking Cessation Session

Virtual and Face to Face Options

1714 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, Il, 60640 "Ravenous Life Healing Center"

If you think that you are "addicted" to smoking or that you have not enough will power to quit... you have not met me yet!

Smoking cessation is one of my favorite sessions because in a matter of 1 session we break all your previous limiting beliefs about smoking, bring your cravings down to ZERO and send you off as a NON-SMOKER. Simple. once you choose to no longer inhale toxins and destroy your health, youth and life- the rest is easy. Hypnosis helps you break the anchors for the cigarettes that you developed unconsciously and that have been keeping you a prisoner to this habit. We create more positive and effective associations in your brain that will help you find the emotional states that previously were connected to smoking, such as relaxation, focus etc with more beneficial habits, and destroy the need and craving for nicotine.

​Ready to leave my room as a NON- SMOKER? 

Let;s do it!

1 session plus a free follow-up = $247


Because of the high volume of customers all appointments are made via text (319) 594-5530 (no calls please)

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1714 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60640
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