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Energy Scanner

Receive Clarity With an Energy Scanner

An Energy Scan and Analysis session with Dr. Marina Kostina helps you understand why you are who you are. You learn what is important to you, and whether you take certain actions because of outside pressures from your family or society.


What is an Energy Scanner?


An energy scanner session allows you to gain knowledge of where your imbalances and emotional blocks exist. You can then build out a path forward to take control of your life.


What Happens During an Energy Scanner Session?


  • Step 1: We assess your aura and look at the energies that guide your motivations and present the most challenges both personally and professionally.

  • Step 2: You review a photograph of your energy field that puts all your energy centers and challenges into focus

  • Step 3: We go over your energy profile to create strategies to encourage better life flows

  • Step 4: You undergo a Reiki healing session


Receive your energy scanner today by calling (319) 594-5530.


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