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Candle Burning Ritual

Energy Defense  & Cleanse

Certification Training LIVE

Sunday, December 5th, 2021

In this Live Certification training you will learn the most effective techniques to: clean and protect your energy from the negative influence of others, 

By the end of the LEVEL 1 (10am-12pm) you will be able to:

a. clean your own energetic field from negative vibration of your friends/ relatives/ clients

b. clean your house and your office from low frequencies and mixed energies

c. protect yourself, your pets and your home from jealousy, gossip and energy vampires

d. understand safety techniques when working with energies

e. get a certification that will allow you to perform energy work on yourself, your pets and your home.

NOTE: After Level 1 you are NOT allowed to perform these techniques on others, only on yourself!

All necessary materials and templates are included. 

Your investment = $200

Acrobat Performer

Level 2 gets you to the next level of mastery. Since we will be working with strong energies that can hurt others if used or abused, you will be asked to sign a pledge to ONLY use the knowledge for the better good of others and NEVER with malicious intention to cause others harm. Very strong consequences will follow if you break the pledge, Therefore, please check your heart before you sign up for this portion of the course. 

NOTE: Dr. Marina Kostina has the right to deny the entry into this level, Do not take it personally. This is for YOUR own protection,

At the end of Level 2 you will be able to:

a. Understand who you really need to protect yourself and others from, and who you should just ignore

b. Protect and cleanse others

c. Work with such strong negative vibrations as evil eye, curses and hexes

d. Know how to calm and transform your own anger and rage to avoid hurting others with these techniques.

e. Learn the most effective techniques for defense and cleanse of one's energy that have been tested by Dr. Marina Kostina and her teachers from all over the world. 

f. The Basics of the Psychological Aikido

g. The Science behind Energy Vampires  and their hierarchy

h. Cord cutting techniques for energy vampires

f. Besides the techniques themselves, the training covers a different world view, plasticity and flexibility of your attitude towards others. Understanding of the destructive thinking and matrixes that distort our view of reality and others. You will learn a special Code of Ethics and Protection Rules for working with dark energies.


This is a unique opportunity to do the training LIVE. After this course the training will be available in online format only. 

h. At the end of Level 2 after passing all activities successfully you will receive a Certificate of Completion that will allow you to clean and protect the energies of others FOR FREE (or for gits. barter---not for monetary compensation!!! ) The reason for that is in order to do this service professionally you need to be initiated to the certain level of mastery, 

 All materials, certification, and templates and light lunch with non-alcoholic beverage are included

Your investment = $450

Your enrollment will help save these beautiful being that we sponsor as the potion of your investment goes directly to them:



was neglected. abused,

and critically starved



280 rescue centers said NO to rescuing him



missing ear, was abandoned as her person moved

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