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Virtual and Face to Face Options

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Are you an author, a coach, or an entrepreneur that is eager to share their knowledge with others yet when you find yourself in a group of people your heart races, your skin pickles and your thoughts take the best out of you???

Do you dream of speaking in front of large audiences or maybe even giving a TEDx talk? Or you need to speak up at the meetings? 

As a professional your success and your impact depends on communicating your ideas clearly and presenting them openly in a public forum. 

Whether speaking in public is extremely debilitating for you ( (fully developed glossophobia) or whether it takes a milder form of anxiety- it can prevent you from taking risks to share your ideas, to speak up about your needs, showcase your achievements and affect how much you grow personally and professionally, 

Just for a second imagine to NEVER feel that paralyzing fear again!

Yes, you can accomplish this with just 1 session of hypnotherapy. Actually, fear of public speaking is one of the easiest problems to solve through this powerful modality!


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What our customers are saying:

Virtual Hypnosis Sessions Are as Effective!

What happens in the Hypnotherapy Session?


Before we meet, I will send you a short questionnaire. The questions are simple, such as (‘When did this problem start; What do you believe about your current situation’) But they’re incredibly effective at getting you to think about why you feel the way you feel.


During the session you will be seating in a comfortable chair in my office (or on your own chair in a virtual session via Zoom, FB messenger, Skype, or Whatsapp). We will discuss your current situation, set goals and have some fun interactive activities that will show you the power of your own mind. Then we will bring you into a calm, pleasant state of hypnosis, where you will remain conscious yet your mind will be relaxed. You will be guided to create your own experience and your unconscious and superconscious minds will help you provide all healing you need. 


You will leave the office fear-free and ready to speak in public! I will also give you some powerful coping strategies and an audio that will help you maintain the newly developed state- free of fear and anxiety!

1 powerful session to conquer the fear of public speaking = $300


Because of the high volume of customers all appointments are made via text (319) 594-5530 (no calls please)

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