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Module 1: 

Throw Away Your Old "Cookbook"

-->>#1 Do Daily Meditation for this week:

Male Core Hypnosis Meditation - Dr. Marina Kostina
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-->> #2 Watch the Video: Why are you stuck?

-->> #3 Download and Fill Out The Template

--> #4 Do Your Homework:

1. Create the Calendar of Strength (write down 10-15 things that make you feel good about yourself and put them into your calendar as your commitment to yourself. Assess daily how many of them you actually completed.

2. Do your morning and night meditation daily!

3. Choose a DYNAMIC VISION BOARD for this week  (below) and do it daily at the same time

4. During the day start noticing the old programs you identified in the activity above, right them down in your notebook or on your phone.

5. Fill out the ANALYTIC SURVEY by the end of the week and send it to me

6. Prepare any questions for our phone session.

-->> #5 Fill Out Analytical Survey


(Choose 1, do daily)

Courage and Confidence

Wealth & Abundance

Vibrant Health

Friends & Social Life

Inner Peace

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