Heart Break Hotel:
(a Stay-cation Retreat Aug 21, 10am -5:00 pm)

● Do you feel that your feelings are being questioned, that you are self-doubting yourself all the time, and have a hard time understanding why partners leave or betray you?

● Are you looking for effective ways to deal with your heartbreak and NEVER fall apart again because of separation?


● Do you want to get over your ex for good


● Do you want to find your way back to yourself and make sense of why you’re feeling so down?

Then this Retreat is For you! Whether you are a Man or a Woman, in hetero-or homo-sexual relationships - breakups have no gender and are often felt intensely painful because we allow another person to control our sense of self, our happiness, and our well-being... While grief and sadness are natural reactions for separation, this training is for those who fall apart, feel darkness and despair because of their romantic relationships. 

Let Your BreakUPs be your biggest BreakTHROUGHs

Early Bird Discount till 08/05 = 400 (reg: 450)

Upset Stomach

This mini retreat is design to completely TRANSFORM the way you handle relationships a separation

Dr. Marina Kostina uses psychology, coaching, hypnosis, and energy wprk to provide the most comprehensive solution to your heart break problem.

Using humor, tough love and her own life story, she will not only show you that it IS possible to turn your lowest breakups into the highest breakTHROUGHS, but will also give you a road map to do it!

In these 6,5 hours you will:

Part 1: Eradicate all painful, dark and desperate emotions RIGHTAWAY:

1. Connect with like-minded individuals who are going through EXACTLY THE SAME  scenarios and feelings you experience (yep, you are NOT crazy!)

2.  Understand WHY you keep attracting relationships that are doomed to hurt & fail

3. Get rid of self-defeating and self-sabotaging subliminal programs.

4. Learn to set your boundaries and take back your power.

5. Realize how toxic relationships affect your body, hormones and your health; and why it is SO HARD to get out of this "addiction" and stop repeating the cycle.

6. Break the anchors (the memory pulls) that are created in every relationships  ("our song", "our place", "our movies") - so you can STOP pining over your past

7. Cut the energetic and sexual cords with your ex(es) to free yourself for current or future relationships

8. Release anger, resentment and other negative emotions that are keeping your vibration low and prevent you from creating "high frequency" relationships

Part 2: Learn how to NEVER repeat this cycle again:

1. Recognize 5 ways to distinguish love from addiction.

2. Understand 7 ways people show their TRUE love. 

3. Identify 8 characteristics of destructive relationships before they even started.

4. Gain protective tools from manipulators and narcissists.

5. Get out of the game that keeps you weak and stuck.

6. Explore and expand all 7 of your Goddess/ God archetypes to create a well-balanced life.

7. Raise your self-esteem and recognize your worth.

and so much more.....

Get  Your Mojo Back!

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Early Bird $400

Compare to $450 regular price & light lunch is included!

Retreat Schedule

10:00 -11:00  - Is this Love or an Addiction? Toxic Patterns and their influence on your hormones & health

11:00-1:00  - Understanding and transforming self-sabotaging patterns and subliminal programs

1:00pm-1:30 - Anger. resentment and fear release

1:30 -2:00 - Light Lunch (provided!)


2:00-2:30 Cord Cutting and Anchor Breaking Hypnosis and energy work

2:00-3:00 - Setting Boundaries 

3:00-3;30 - Distinguish love from addiction

3:30-4:00 - Learn to recognize manipulators and narcissists

4:00- 4:30 - Stepping Into Goddess/ God's Archetypes

4:30- 5:00 Raising Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

About Dr. Kostina


From a painful divorce, homeless & jobless state to the Bestselling Author, Owner of the Healing & Research Center in Chicago, CEO of a thriving international business!

As a bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur, and seven times winner of the US Department of Defense grants, she has been featured in such prestigious publications as Entrepreneur, WGN, Buzzfeed, Thrive Global, People magazine and USA Today, and has appeared on Telemundo and Hay House Radio, and has appeared on the cover of Russian Chicago, Women Entrepreneurs Today, and Evanston Woman.


Dr. Kostina is also fortunate to have worked with various celebrities, such as Kanye West, Lorna Byrne, Mike Dooley, and Her Holiness Living Saint Amma Sri Karunamay.

If she can do it- You can do it!

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