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Dr. Marina Kostina is a Reiki Master/ Teacher,  A Hypnotherapist, a Forensic Hypnotist, A Biofeedback expert,  a Shambala Reiki Master, a Bioenergy Healer and practices numerous shamanic modalities from Siberia, Russia, Certified Hypnotherapy Therapists (Dovzhenko Method)

How does Hypnosis Work?
How does Hypnosis Work Onine?
What do you need help with?
Find what blocks you, limiting beliefs reprogramming
(3 sessions recommended)

If you feel stuck in several areas of your life and have no idea why hypnothis can help you find the blocks in your subconsious mind and re-program your limiting beliefs.

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
Rewrite Your Story
(3 sessions recommended)

Trauma, abuse, and breakup can cause negative view of the world that prevents us from moving forward.  But you past does not need to be your life story. We can re-writethe scipt, and create new, more positive and effective beliefs for you.

Set Yourself FREE
(2-3 sessions recommended)
Get your energy back!
(2 sessions + reiki)

Anxiety & fobias can really ruin your life. 

Start feeling free again, and open up space in your psyche for more positive emotions and experiences.

One of the worst feelings in the world is the lack of sleep!

Get your life, energy and vitality back. Let's discover the true reasons you are up at night and change it around.  Healing reiki  is added to each session.

Stop Your Cravings on Your Terms
Free Consultation

You can stop your cravings on your terms! 

Using unique technology developed by professor Dovzhenko, Dr. Kostina can help you cease all cravings for alcohol in just 1 session

SMOKING CESSATION ( a package of 3)
Quit Smoking, Drop Cravings
FREE Consultation

During our sessions we will:

a. Discover main reasons for the cravings,

b. Understand your secondary benefit of smoking

c. Reprogramm your brain for health

d. Teach you self-hypnosis so you can take control of your life.

Start loving your body again
(4 session package)

Hooked on Sweets? Emotional Eater?

Let's reshape your relationships with food and make it your friend so you can start loving your body again and gain confidence, health and vitality back!

Get Your Life & Your Relationships Back
(4 session package)

Gambling can really ruin your life and your relationships.

Let's understand the main causes of this addiction and a find more meaningful and positive purpose for your life

Get Answers To The Repeated Patterns
(1 session package)
Get Your Sex Life Back!
(3-4 session package

Sometimes the Answers Are Beyond Our Comprehension

Do you find yourself caught in a pattern, repeating the same scenarios/ relationships/ situations over an over? Do you feel disconnected from your life purpose? Let your past lives guide you....

Be the channel that heals others
(3 session recommended)

Did you know that it is possible to heal your loved ones (and your animals THROUGH you)?

During this surrogate you will perform the role of a channel THROUGH which another person or a pet can be healed. Certainly, the permission of the other is needed. We connect you at the superconscious level and let the magic unfold.

Sexuality and intimacy are our foundation for healthy and happy life. Let's make intimacy easy and your connection with others passionate yet meaningful, as well as your own sexuality authentic and empoweing

Help remember suppressed memories
(1 session )

While forensic hypnosis is not admitable in the court room, it helps solve many crimes

In a personal life it can help you recover suppressed memories because of the traumatic events, or find lost or misplaced items. Our memories are not perfect, and are constantly changing, yet, when in the state of hypnosis you can "freeze" events or zoom on the items/ faces, ect

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