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02/22-02/27, 2019

Find The G Spot Of Your Soul

Are you ready to start EXPERIENCING life, rather than wishing for a better one?

In this retreat we will learn how to harness your creativity, sexuality and spirituality to connect with your feminine energy, so instead of pushing in life, you start living from the "FLOW". We will be opening up to wealth, health, wellness, relationships with others and yourself. Instead of blaming circumstances you will discover your own limited beliefs and energetic blocks so you can release them.

Instead of overcoming obstacles we will be melting them away.

Nothing expands us and makes us grow more than traveling. That is why we are going aboard- away from all responsibilities and distractions. The choice of Iceland is not by chance. Iceland is an incredible place of power, where we can easily disconnect from the busy world and feel close to the Mother Nature.


Besides, adventure is a part of the feminine energy and we are going to have plenty of it in our retreat!


This is "YOUR" time! 

This is a very small VIP retreat since we will be using very special sacred ancient practices and individualized programs and activities. My goal is to provide your services for YOUR particular needs and obstacles. 

NOTE: Retreat is not the same as any other trip. While we will have a lot of traveling, exploration and fun we will also focus on inner work- a process sometimes uncomfortable and even painful. We will provide the most safe environment for your inner growth.


Here are 3 magical powers you will unleash:



1. Learn a little known secret that will help you stop comparing yourself to others;

2. Realize that creativity is a sure way to living in the flow. Connect with YOUR creative side.

3. Learn simple techniques to increase your creativity and make a protective MANDALA for your life utilizing your unique energetic code.



 1. Master the art of "downstream thinking" so you stop your negative spiral down in its birth;


2. Recognize the power of your feminine energy  that can instantly make you fall in love with yourself, and you the sexiest, most enchanting  woman on Earth; Use belly-dance inspired techniques to start loving your body


3. Create your unique "Happiness Filter " that allows you to easily understand what projects, events and people no longer serve your path, and which areas of your life need to de-cluttering ASAP!



1. Find your talents,  strengths and TRUE motivations even if you have been in the dark all your life;


2. Use a diamond formula to  find your life purpose and direction utilizing the power of your negative experiences and emotions, 


3. Understand spiritual laws of abundance and get tools to implement them in real life to open the space for being in the flow

Daily activities and adventures:

#1 Day: travel to Reykjavík

 #2 Reykjavik (Creativity)

Yoga, creativity meditation,  Karma & Destiny mandala weaving, discovering your unique Universal code, creativity practices, night meditation.

ADVENTURE: Resting, Reykjavík exploration

breakfast at home, lunch on the road, dinner in the city

Overnight stay at a house near the center of the city

#3 The South Coast (Sexuality)

Yoga, belly-dance inspired second chakra activation, Happiness Filter and Downstream Thinking techniques.


~ Black sand beach of Reynisfjar

~The cliffs of Dyrhólaey

~The Waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss

~The falls Gljúfrarbúi and Kvernufoss

~Black sands of Sólheimar

~Eyjafjallajökull glacier volcano

~Mýrdalsjökull glacier

~Looking for auroras in Höfn.

~ Staying at Höfn for the night (see accomodations)