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Sept 12, 11am- 1pm

Love Your body- Heal Your Style

1714 W Lawerence Ave. Chicago, Il, 60640

Are you ready to love your body and learn the secrets of how to be the model of your life with the plus size model Babe Ericca Marie Avila?

It is time to develop a love love relationship with yourself and stop the love/ hate thing so many of us have gotten used to. I’m going to share with you how I conquered my fears and insecurities by being transparent. 

In this 2 hr event you will:

#1 Learn the tips that will INSTANTLY make you feel good about your body from the Plus size Model Ericca (she will share her story and how she came to OWN her beauty!)

#2 Learn the secrets of styling your body to emphasize it's greatest points from the Runway Models!


You will walk away with:

1. The Tools of Owning the Flaws We Supposedly Have 

Ericca will share her own story and demonstrate the "Beauty of Self Love And The Ugly Truth" 


2.  The Strategies for Self-Discovery & Self Reflection 

In this part Ericca will mainly focus on the 2 questions:

- Who’s in charge of your happiness? 

- What can you do to fulfill your own happiness? 

3. The Way to Be Wise / No Lies 

Ericca will teach you how to face your challenges and be realistic  

4. Techniques for Mind Over Matter

You will learn how to crown yourself with whatever you desire and how to stop outsourcing your worth to others!

5. Knowing that You are powerful and Resilient 

Walk away with positive self image, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, remembering that "Every-Body Is Not Perfect" But We Can Be Flawed-Less"

6. Learning to style and beautify YOUR body

Learn the secrets of models that know how to emphasize their stronger features and hide their so-called "flaws". You will undergo a style make-over (this one service in itself is worth hundreds of dollars!!!)

Bring your pictures or favorite clothes!


A Special Early Bird Offer

Take advantage of our special offer by August 27


(compare to $125 regular price)


Each ticket comes with a healthy appetizer and a glass of non-alcoholic bubbly!

Reserve Your Spot Now!

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About Ericca:


Ericca Marie Avila born and raised in the far South Side of Chicago she prides herself in being a voice for domestic violence awareness and also as a public figure. Ericca represents body positivity, diversity and inclusion and everything women empowerment, she works as a podcast show host, signed model, actress and wardrobe stylist Ericca is set to launch her own clothing line Fall of 2021 which would totally grant her the title of Mommy Entrepreneur. She has three children and a full time job in her free time lol Getting to know Ericca equals opening your mind to all things are possible in this lifetime.

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