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Module 1: 

Get Rid of What Steals Your Shine

Meditation for this week:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others (10 min)


1. Start Admiration & Gratitude Journal: 25 positive things about yourself in the morning, 25 things you were grateful at night before sleep. Submit to me every day!

2. Write down those people that you compare yourself to (or maybe even envious about)- You don't need to share this with me. So BE HONEST

3. Notice your emotions when you are in a "comparison mode"

4. Go through steps 1-3-- now notice your energy

5. Practice more- ex: Scroll down your FB timeline- where do you stop to compare? Do steps 1-3

6.  Write down your reflections in your journal. 

Dedicate full 2 days to noticing and correcting comparison. Then do it as your brain goes back to comparing

7. Fill out the ANALYTIC SURVEY

2. Get out of the victim role & stop "playing games" (6 min)


~ Create  a symbol of the TRIANGLE (draw on the wrist, save on the phone, etc)- that you can see all the time. 

~ During the day notice, when you are "playing one of the roles" - get out of the triangle= choose the approach that will be neither victim, predator or savior. Write down EACH instance during the day (send it to me daily)!

~ Make sure to fill out the ANALYTIC SURVEY

3. Calm  Your Inner Critic and Get Out Of the "Evaluation Trap" (12 min)


~ Put a rubber band on your wrist (or get creative with a reminder) and anchor yourself every time you evaluate things, events, people and yourself as +  or -

~ Get out of the one dimensional thinking, analyse, what FOR is this event/ person/ emotion? 

~ When someone criticises you, use the Magic Wand technique and analyse, whether they are "fans" or players". If they are fans- peacefully ignore, if they are players- ask how they could collaborate/ teach you, etc..

~ Make sure to fill out the ANALYTIC SURVEY

4. Get out of the co-dependent cycle (22 min)

This is a 30 minute video, so make sure to set time aside so you are not interrupted in the process. Have a notebook ready, make yourself comfortable as you will be entering a half-meditative state.

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