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Module 3: 

Find Your Inner Brilliance and Light up the World

While in Module 1 we got rid of things that distract you from your true self  and in Module 2  we worked on filling yourself with joy, love and happiness, in this module we will become the TRUE diamonds, we will find your true brilliance (your purpose, talents and strengths) so you can shine it into the world!


Welcome to the journey back to yourself!

#1 The Truth About Your Life Purpose (9 min)


1. Write down all illusions you had about finding your life purpose

2. Write a note to self that you will hit plateaus, storms, pain, fear and discomfort but you are going to continue your journey!!! Put it somewhere where you can read it later on with ease- phone screen, fridge (bathroom mirror):-)

#2 Aligning with the Universal Laws (4 min)


Listen to these mantras every day for the entire week; and any time you have self-doubt or feel that you are not supported by others.

#3 Fears BEGONE! (9,5 min)


1. Go through steps 1-3

2. Submit your 2 paintings and a signed contract with fear

3. Submit DAILY 30 gratitude and 30 positive statements

#4 Becoming the Diamond (Purpose Finder) (19 min)


1. Listen to the video (set a lot of time for yourself, or do it in increments). 

2. Download the handout and follow the activity step-by-step

3. Send me your handout with your preliminary work

4. On the scale of 1-10 identify how you feel about your newly defined life purpose?


1. Do your staircase technique from pre-course module- what step are you on now? How is it different from the step that you found yourself on at the beginning of your journey?


2. Fill out your Wheel of Wellness from pre-course activity. Did anything change? how? where? why?


3. Send me your reflections:


a. how did you self-worth grow?

b. how did you wheel of wellness change?

c. what were the MOST valuable lessons for you?

d. What would you like to do next?

Next steps:


#1. If you want to turn your new life purpose into a profitable business, consider signing up for my Money with a Soul online course.


#2. Visit bonus resources to stay on your path!

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