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Find the G-Spot of Your Business

Money with the Soul

Abundance, Freedom and Profit with Ease & Grace


Most of us have a subconscious "income cap" that does not allow us to move beyond it and keeps us stuck? 

That is why many heart-centered entrepreneurs over-give and undercharge .

They often believe that charging more money will have devastating consequences: the loss of clients; appearing “salesy”  and greedy; and ultimately, disconnecting from their purpose.

In order to create abundance in business and feel 100% authentic you need to:









~  Be psychologically, energetically, and emotionally READY to raise your prices, 

~ ONLY choose those services that resonate with your purpose and your soul;
~ Market your business in the way that is aligned with your personality



"Money with the Soul"online bootcamp is designed to help you to:

1. Feel psychologically and energetically ready to expand your business and increase your capacity for self-worth and net-worth

2. Feel 100% authentic in EVERY STEP of your business so you never feel salesy

3. Provide you with a focused, customized-for-you set of products, marketingand sales tools that allow you to increase your prices, while having a lifestyle of your preference.

Here's how it works:

1 Abundance: 


a. Learn how to instantly see  your own value and expand it within minutes

b. A SOULFUL formula for creating a transformational business idea that is clear, focused and is super attractive for your clients

c. Create your own "money filter"- your compass that will guide ALL your business decisions that create abundance for your business while being authentic to you.

2 Freedom:


a. Learn your strengths and hidden obstacles to attracting wealth into your business through a Money Persona assessment.

b. Discover your Business Persona which will help you determine your BUSINESS MODEL and what types of products are the most profitable (and enjoyable) for you to sell

c. Realize which marketing & sales techniques are most profitable and authentic for YOU, and which you should NEVER be involved in.

3: Profits:


a. Learn how to name your product or service so it instantly translates its value.

b. Increase the perceived value of your product or services to your customers through powerful descriptions.

c. Know the secrets of dealing with customers who do not want to buy from you because of the price.

Which one is you?

1 Starting a New Business from Scratch

Meet Inna who was successful at her job but always wanted to start her own business. When she started Money with a Soul Program, she had a desire but no clue where to start. Listen to her story and how this program helped her find an idea that reflected her passion and her talents while resolving a very important problem in her niche.

2 Changing Niches  & Starting Over with Confidence    

Leslye an educated, professional lady was a successful attorney until she found her true calling- personal training. Since she changed her niche she felt like she needed to start small and undervalued her services, putting in a lot of hours attracting clients who did not want to invest in themselves. Money with a Soul changed that!

3 Going from 1-1 to a Leveraged Model

Clare is an award winning fiction writer who had a successful practice coaching other writers. The only problem was that she was overworking and undercharging. The 1-1 model was no longer working. Money with a Soul allowed Clare to create a leveraged way of running her business. She is now an owner of an online academy for psy-fi writers!

4 Expanding An Already Successful Business

Elrinda has been in business for many years. She has created many online products, co-hosted events, and had a big following. The only problem was that her creative personality did not allow her to find a laser focused niche and thus prevented her from moving to the next level of expansion of her business. Money with a Soul program gave her the tools to start playing BIG.

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About Your Guide Dr. Marina Kostina

Known as The "Self-worth & Net Worth Coach", Dr. Marina Kostina is an Amazon Bestselling Author, Certified Coach, Reiki Master, Teacher and 7 time winner of grants from the US Department of Defense. She empowers female entrepreneurs to find their life purpose and prepare them psychologically and spiritually to ask for and receive higher rates while delivering breakthrough results with confidence and authenticity. She has trained thousands of people around the globe and has appeared on numerous platforms, such as Telemundo, USA Today, People, Chicago Latino TV, Inspira TV, CAN TV, Luz&Dolly show, VASHE radio, amoung others.

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