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Online Transformational Programs

These online group programs are designed to transform a specific issue in a matter of hours through the combination of psychological techniques, coaching activities, hypnosis and energy work. Dr. Marina Kostina guides you through engaging sessions that help you breakthrough the problem that has been holding you back to create the life you deserve. Meet like-minded individuals and co-create this beautiful experience.

breakup without break down.jpg

Do you tend to dwell on your past? Does a break up ruin your life and self-esteem? Learn to separate from your ex- without losing yourself and your sanity. Learn techniques for getting yourself out of desperate states, reprogram your mind through hypnosis and cut cords through energy healing activities. You can go through a  breakup without breaking down!

Coming February 2021
body with intention.jpg

Often problems with bodies (extra or not enough weight/ toxic relationships with food/ unhealthy food processing) have a psychological reason underneath. Remove subconscious obstacles, establish a steady motivation and install new food habits that help you overcome your inner resistance and have a healthy lifestyle withour dieting.

Setting boundaries for givers.jpg

If you are a giver, you probably can relate to the feeling of being taken for granted and even used. How to set your own boundaries without disrespecting others? How to continue to give without taking away from yourself? Get proven techniques and rewire your limiting beliefs in this powerful session.

Coming June 2021
Grief without Despair (1).jpg

Losing a loved one is truly the most difficult events in our lives. While grief is an important part of the process of adaptation to the world without the person who has passed, despair is an optional feeling. In this session you will learn to bring the light into the darkest hours of your life.

Coming January 2021
the other side of fears.jpg

Learn the difference between fear and anxiety and understand the foundation for each of these feelings.  Gain practical tools that will help you stop falling into these debilitating states, and knowing how to get out of them quickly and ecologically for yourself and others.

Public Speaking Without Anxiety.jpg

In order to live ravenously you must share your gifts! Whether speaking in public is extremely debilitating for you, or whether it takes a milder form of anxiety- it can prevent you from taking risks to share your ideas, to speak up about your needs, showcase your achievements and affect how much you grow personally and professionally, 

In 1 session you can stop this paralyzing fear!

Coming May 2021
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