5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Yourself

Adulthood may not be panning out as you expected. You probably feel as though all you do is work, work, and more work! Because your job likely dominates your life, your passions and motivations should be reflected in your time spent working. This is a core component to your overall happiness. If you’ve experienced being miserable at work, you know how quickly it can affect every other aspect of daily living. Is the answer to finding a work-life paradise running your own business, doing what you love, being your own boss and… getting paid for it?


Many people have a romanticized and glamorous view of what it is to run a business. They picture Entrepreneur Life as endless parties and money flowing in effortlessly. Social media contributes to this false image by showcasing successful entrepreneurs in their best attire, traveling the world and sipping sexy martini cocktails on a beach in Bali. However, those who have a more realistic understanding of the hard work involved… tend to go to the other extreme and believe that they, themselves, lack many qualities,