Addictions & Lack of Empathy (Science Tell it All!)

Addiction can turn those that we love into people we don’t recognize — into the monsters who lie, cheat steal, manipulate and who never put you first… their drug of choice has much more value over u.

As they betray u over and over, you keep asking the question… How can they do it to me? WHY???

Unfortunatelt drug and alcohol use has the power to change the brain and inhibit access to such emotion as empathy.

Empathy is what makes us human. It is an essential component of relationship and connection. Recently researchers found a specific area of the brain, called the anterior insular cortex, that is responsible for the feeling of empathy.

Research also shows that addiction is VERY heavily correlated with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) Unfortunately addicts often do not grow up with a lot of empathy from their surroundings and do not develop this skill towards themselves.

This leads these people unable to deal with the distressed part of themselves with warmth and empathy (the way a loving parent would), so they turn to substances and behaviors that help to sooth this pain, to make it easier to exist.

Therefore, it is not the drugs that are addictive. Addiction occurs in the brain that is attempting to find a solution for a brain imbalance that has been caused by trauma.

Since the insula involved in all major aspects of addiction, nicotine, drugs and alcohol affect this region and inhibit its proper functioning and activity. Since this region is responsible for empathy, this very quality that is most needed for the addict is not developed and expressed outwards.


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