Do You Know That You Have a Divine Origin? (Interview w/ Ed Kelly on the Science of Psychotronics)

Do you know that all of us are not just these physical bodies, but have the divine origin and are made of light????

In my interview with Ed Kelly, one of the founders of the United States Psychotronics Association we discuss a scared science that unites scientists, healers, medical doctors, physicists, shamans and other amazing beings... All of them have one goal - to prove our divine origin! Yes, both traditional science and esoterics can come together to reveal the sacredness of human beings!

Check out my video or read the transcript below:

Marina Kostina: Thank you, Ed, for speaking with us here at the 41st United States Psychotronics Association Conference. Would you please tell us about the organization and what it represents?

Ed Kelly: The United States Psychotronics Association was first formed in 1975 when a group of mostly radionics practitioners got together with a few psychics and a few other esoteric experts. They formed a bigger organization that could represent the “weirdo” technologies that are out there. The purpose was to come together and take a scientific look at why these things happen; how they happen; and how we can take mankind forward by exploring them — pulling out the mythology and figuring out where the facts are in these different modalities.

Marina: Would you please explain what psychotronics and radionics are? Not everyone is familiar with this terminology.

Ed: Radionics was first discovered in the late 1800’s, and then carried forward into the 20th century by a doctor named Albert Abrams. What he discovered was that everything is energy and vibration. Every part of a plant or an animal that is different… different types of tissues or different types of minerals — those sorts of things — all have their unique vibrations — resonance vibrations — that we can tune into with different octaves of information. In radionics, we’re using basically A.M radio waves. There’s a specific radio station that you can tune into to know about the energetic strength of the tissue, of the liver or the energetic strength of the copper in the soil or the tissue in the plant. There’s a specific resonance point that’s going to sing spontaneously when you’re tuned into that radio station.

Psychotronics was this idea that we had these other people — my dad was one of the founding members at that original group. The whole idea was, we have this radionics thing, but we also have a psychic, which doesn’t really fit that at all. We wanted to have a home for those other modalities, so that we could explore them together, because of course there’s all kinds of overlap as well.

Marina: And that’s what my next question was. There are all sorts of people here, in this conference today. We have medical doctors, we have businesses, and we have shamans, right? We have energy healers. How do you see all of them coming together for one purpose? How does it blend together?

Ed: Well, invariably we find that here. I just had this experience talking to another group a few minutes ago, where you realized that here’s this thing — that seems like it’s a completely different from what you’re doing — but then when you really talk about the details of what’s happening, you realize it’s like the old stereotype of the blind men and the elephant where one guy thinks he’s against the wall, one guy thinks it’s a rope, and really, you’re all tied to the same animal. As you work together, you see where the collaboration can take both of you forward. That’s what’s amazing — you end up being exposed to ideas that you would never hear if you just stayed within your little specialty. So, it’s a great cross-fertilization.

Marina: Would you say that we are all vibrations, that there are different frequencies? We operate like radio stations on different frequencies. Is that the unifying factor? For example, the shaman who uses some sound techniques… because sound is a vibration and they can heal with that… can we explain a non-scientific phenomenon of shamans or healers with this new sacred science?

Ed: Exactly… you’ve hit the nail exactly on the head. That is exactly right. Everything is energy and vibration. We can add more energy through light, through sound, through radio waves, through colors. There’s all these different energies that we can add to cause more resonance to happen, and cause healing to take place.

Marina: I love it. So about radionics, you said that we can access a certain “radio frequency,” right? Do you use some tools or equipment for that? How’s it done on a practical level?

Ed: Yes, in my case, our little company is Kelly Research Technologies that was founded by our father and is now run by my sister and me. This is our 41st year in business. We were officially in business in 1978. After our father passed, we took over and carried the business forward. What our instruments do: they’re an early style of instrument. You will have a little radio tuner where you’ll tune into knobs with, if you opened it up, it’d be most of the technology of a 1940s radio. It’s really the same stuff. Then with a Magic Antoinette and Nikola Tesla antenna, those allow us to create action at a distance beyond what the power of these little radios would otherwise do.

Marina: Of course, you were not around in 1975 when the organization was formed. What was the response of the community then and do you see a shift in consciousness nowadays? Has something changed among us? Did we start believing in it more? What do you think?

Ed: Absolutely. I really do. The way the original group formed was, there was one fellow who had written a book on an esoteric topic. All the people that bought the book, he wrote to them and said, “Hey, let’s get together,” and that’s how the first meeting was formed. At that time, it was a huge revelation because everybody who was exploring their little piece of esoterica was off by themselves and didn’t have it. There really was no community except for just the one person that might know the other person. When they got together all at once, now we really have the first community — at least in the United States — that can get together and address these particular forms of study. I even remember when I was a kid in the 80s, if you started talking about chakras in your aura and having a chiropractor… you were just considered to be dark as magic. Now these things are all common knowledge that everybody understands, so the entire conversation has moved forward light-years, just even in my lifetime, since I was a little kid. We’re in an era of transformation right now and in the heat of the fire that we’re in, will come out this beautiful thing that as we move forward as a civilization and as a culture. We’re seeing the dying struggle of the old paradigm happening right in front of our eyes.

Marina: This conference is, of course, intended to bring consciousness and awareness. Who is this conference for and what would I find interesting here?

Ed: Well, that’s the beauty of it. Psychotropics, again, was always supposed to be the umbrella for everything that was “weird.” When you come in, there are things for the very technical, the people that are very engineering oriented. There are things for the very artistic and feeling and, that approach — a very soft approach — where you just even walked through the vendor booths or listened to the different talks that are being given. It’s all over the place and so there’s going to be something that will speak to you and allow you to grow in the direction that feels good to you. That’s what it takes for you to want to do it: to have it be something that really, really resonates with you.

Marina: What does the membership in USPA give you? Could you tell us about a little bit about this?

Ed: Yes, absolutely. The two things that we can offer that really no one else does, is an incredible archive that goes all the way back to 1975, where they were the first audio recordings. It’s funny because again, seven years ago, if you said, “Hey, I have an audio recording for you to listen to,” you’d be like, “I’m not going to do that. I’m going to go to sit and listen to a tape.” But we’re now in an era of podcast where everybody has figured out how audio can play a role. So even those early conferences of these pioneers from our field, like Hieronymus, they’re all on a tape.

They’re recorded forever and available as part of the library to all the membership. So that’s huge and then for today, because in the end, it’s a lot of old dead guys at this point. Men and women and honestly, a lot of people, that might be interesting and you might get in that. But to get together and have a face-to-face experience and to be able to talk your weird talk with people that are already in the game and because the reality is back home; most people aren’t ready to have these kinds of discussions. It’s super fun to get in with your folks and just to be able to start talking about crazy stuff, and they don’t bat an eye, you know? It’s a home for esoteric nerds and weirdos. It really is.

Marina: Absolutely. All right. Thank you so much.

Ed: Yeah, absolutely. I appreciate the opportunity.

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