Find Your Spiritual G-Spot & Multi-Orgasmic Living

Each and every individual on the face of the Earth has a soul, and that soul needs a purpose. It does not have to be magnanimous or astounding. It could be very simple, but we must fulfill it. Our purpose in life is simply to become a channel of the divine energy (which is God, the universe, higher self- or whatever you call it). This energy runs through every being in the world. We are here to express this light in the way that is unique to us. Yet we rarely do it and as a result we are out of flow, pushing, striving and suffering.

In order to understand this, we can take the example of a hammer and an alarm clock. The alarm clock serves its purpose by helping us to wake up and meet our obligations all the while a hammer is used to push in nails. If we switch both of their purposes, they will never be able to fulfill them.

This scenario applies in our lives perfectly as progressing through while living another individual’s purpose will never feel like “flowing” and will not bring fulfillment. We are inherently born as diamonds, which are unique, rough and precious. Society, on the contrary, teaches us to become rhinestones that have a glittery or shiny exterior, yet they are fragile on the inside because of their plastic base.

During our childhood, everyone near and dear to us is concerned with what our purpose is supposed to be. They constantly ask two questions; what do you want to be and how do you want to achieve it? Yet, at the same time when they ask these questions, they also answer them for us. They provide a guideline on how our life should progress and what we should do in order to fit in the perfect spectrum of society.

As a result, we completely lose track of our own unique purpose and start a journey trying to live according to other people’s expectations. We get detached from our calling because according to our parents or other “advisors” our passion would not guarantee profits or financial abundance. We lose track of the fact that we are souls who have come into this world to shine and show our impeccable brilliance. We lose sight of our ultimate goal and put all our efforts into securing financial stability. Even if we manage to achieve said stability, we will still be depressed and lack fulfillment.

The desires that society as a whole finds awkward or disorientating are vital factors that make us human. These urges are present in every human being, no matter how much they try to deny them. These desires not only shape us into what we are today, but they also propel our emotional and spiritual growth. It all depends upon the individual; whether they suppress their desires and run the risk of losing their identity or they choose to express their needs and eventually discover their spiritual G Spot.

In my experience, by the time we turn twenty we build so many layers between our authentic brilliance and so-called “adult version of our purpose” that it becomes next to impossible to peel those layers off on our own. You must remember that your core brilliance is not just your talents or skill set. It is also your soul’s spark, the qualities that you might be ashamed of. This is what living in the G Spot is all about; you need to accept all of these qualities and only then you will be able to truly shine, to truly be that diamond.

If you are reading these words and have no idea regarding your life purpose, don’t worry! You are definitely not alone. Research suggests that finding our cause for existence (aka aligning with your true self) is the most tumultuous journey that a human being can encounter. Scholars believe that discovering purpose is an arduous and stress-inducing process, yet it proves to be fruitful in the longer run. According to Frankl (1963), the search process for finding purpose is the cause for tension, frustration and distress. He termed this form of existential distress as “noogenic neurosis.”  Yes, it is neurosis indeed when we live everyone’s dreams and speak everyone’s voices instead of our own!

Unfortunately, many of us are under the false impression that the outside material and physical world will solve our inner turmoil, which only leads to the problem exacerbating and turning into a full-fledged disease. The vicious cycle of finding a job, earning money and repeating the same old redundant process has taken a huge toll on our lives. We have gotten used to this routine so much that we do not have the time or urge to pursue anything other than this monotonous cycle. Family, peers, colleagues and network circles play a huge role in submerging our identity into this useless repetitive structure.

Women, in particular, suffer the most from not attaining or connecting with their true purpose in life. This is because many women as we talked about before are programmed to live FOR someone else: for their kids, their husbands, their jobs. There is just no time for such “frivolities” as looking for a life purpose in a woman’s life. However, women who do not live according to their own unique purpose literally die on the inside. All the while, when a woman connects to her purpose she starts living in the flow and her energy keeps replenishing on its own so she is able to retain her youthfulness, strength and beauty.

When a person truly lives in their spiritual G Spot, they are happy, shiny, joyful and kind. They are also kind of wild and maybe not as “perfect” as the society wants them to be. They have rough edges, they don’t conform and they definitely able to say “NO” to events, circumstances and people who don’t support their path. This is because, as the saying goes, a genius domesticated is a genius lost. You should never dim your light and should never try to tame your brilliance. Once you accept your purpose, you will start shedding unnecessary layers of discomfort and rise to anew like a phoenix. The journey might not be comfortable or convenient, as it will bring lots of tests for you in this chaotic world and its many imperfections. This is because this world is the best spiritual teacher you can have and you should use it to clean your system and remove any clutters from your channel of energy.


So How Do We Find That Spiritual G-Spot?

Spiritually, pleasure is a portal for a transcendental experience that is really just pure freedom from worries and all restrictions. It is a means of having spiritual truth within our body. When we view an orgasm in the light of esotericism, it is the ultimate release for all stagnant old beliefs. It connects us with the flow of the universe and becomes the true diamond spot of our life.

How does one get into the flow, you may ask? An Indian philosopher Osho famously quoted in one of his speeches, “Don’t try to seek, search, knock, demand… instead, try to relax, relaxing will get you there, relaxing will help you achieve it, and most of all relaxing will help you vibrate with the universal energies.” In both erotic and spiritual aspects of our lives, the key is to enjoy the moment. The second we start concentrating too heavily on the results, we find ourselves using the limbic part of our brain that is responsible for fight or flight responses, and start judging ourselves against the results (which will often make us feel like a failure).

Sex, in the modern world, has transgressed from a spiritual experience to a performance model or criterion, with orgasm as its main prize. Many times, people suffer from sexual dysfunction only because they are not able to orgasm the “right way” or outperform their partner in a supposed sex-induced race. But when we relax into the experience of intimacy, we can experience much more profound happiness. Orgasms in actuality transfer our physical bodies into a vessel of energy.

During orgasm, our body’s cellular structure dissipates and our experiences try to connect us with the spiritual or source energy. Studies have proven that one of twenty individuals have experienced a transcendental orgasm characterized by shifts in space and time, timelessness and emptiness, a sensation of electrically illuminated bodies and transformation of the self, to name just a few. Those who are exposed to spiritual awakening through transcendent orgasm face a life-changing experiencing altogether. They no longer have the same views, and open their mind to new realities.

Orgasm is perhaps the most common and fruitful option when it comes to achieving spiritual bliss and numerous studies have supported its physical, mental and emotional benefits. Even the French term “le petit mort” accurately defines the spiritual implications of orgasm as it translates to ‘small death’. This small death highlights the process of eliminating our ego-driven self and connecting with each other and the divine more efficiently.

“The pleasure of living and the pleasure of the orgasm are identical, extreme orgasm anxiety forms the basis of the general fear of life.”

-Wilhelm Reich

As soon as we find our spiritual purpose, your spiritual G-spot,- we transcend into an experience that shakes our core foundation as mortal entities. This resembles the same experience when we orgasm and cement our connection with the source energy. Time literally stops as we practice both these functions, and we become 100% authentic beings with no superficial features or actions attached to our existence.

Our body armor is shattered and it breaks away our ego, facades, society and cultural bonds; thereby becoming equal members of nature once again. There is no past or future when we feel these sensations; only the present moment exists. In these short blissful periods of silence, we arrive at a space or area that connects us to something greater than ourselves. We are able to connect with the divine flow of energy, our hearts and our very soul.

The more we delve into this sensation, the more experiences we have of creating, appearing, healing, regenerating, releasing, connecting, and understanding our very consciousness. In short, we are connected to an infinite number of possibilities. This ecstatic sensation allows us to enter planes that we are oblivious to, simply because our heart and soul are connected in perfect harmony. That is what the real G-spot of your soul feels like. I cannot wait for you to experience it.


{From Dr. Kostina’s Book Find the G-Spot Of Your Soul}

Dr. Marina Kostina is a bestselling Author, Award-Winning Transformational Coach, Influencer, Healer, and Researcher. She guides consciously-minded individuals on a journey to reclaim the fragmented pieces of their souls. Dr. Kostina helps men and women manifest their biggest dreams and create a lifestyle that brings them freedom by breaking through their lethargic status quo and starting to live ravenously through her healing practice, online coaching, therapy sessions and spiritual retreats all over the world.

This article has been published in the Scene Chicago online magazine

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