Heal Yourself Through Reconnection (Interview with Jillian Fleer & Dr. Eric Pearl)

Do you know that you are much more than your body? You are an energy field that goes beyond your imagination and has the capacity to change, re-shape and heal your life. Listen to this incredible interview with Jillian Fleer & Dr. Eric Pearl:

For those who like reading, here is a full transcript for your convenience:

Marina Kostina: Thank you so much Julian and Eric for being here for our interview. I am a fan of your work and I'm so fascinated by this whole concept of reconnective healing. Could you please explain in basic terms what is, what is it, what is reconnective healing?

Dr. Eric Pearl: How basic shall we get? Alright. Very basic. We call it reconnective healing and reconnective healing is really a hands free form of interacting with the fields, receiving frequencies, new aspects of energy, like an information, which signs that calls reconnective healing frequency or field and in that work with that you begin to change, but instead of explaining it verbally, so instead of just talking about it, let me see your hands for a minute. Open your fingers just like that. Open really wide, really still if you can, and I'm going to bring my hand in here. Do you see that movement that's going on in your fingers? Are you moving your fingers?

Marina: No.

Eric: Then they're moving themselves.

Marina: Yes.

Eric: And as I pull a little further away, the movement seems to change in your index Finger, for instance.

Marina: Yes.

Eric: And your ring finger, then your thumb, tell me what you feel?

Marina: I feel stretched. I feel like opening up, like feel that manages, opening up and in that palm, and is if somebody's pulling lightly by my fingers.

Eric: Yes, does the feeling change as I get further away? Does it stay the same or does it change?

Marina: It actually feels more.

Eric: It’s stronger. It's the opposite of what you would think, but leave for him. Therefore, yes.

Jillian Fleer: Right? But leave the hand there for a moment. Leave the hand there for a moment. Even here where I'm [inaudible 00:02:23] I want you to keep your eyes on your fingers themself because you can, we have a very distinct interaction, which is not in any relationship to me sending energy. It's all receiving. So as our play here, you're essentially becoming a part of a three way dynamic. Now how does it change? When I pull further? Even just start to play.

Marina: Interesting. I feel like my, this finger in this are pool to really like they're stiff owns pool and how when you're playing, it's kind of a softer energy for me.

Eric: Right?

Marina: That's how I feel.

Eric: It’s different. So when Jillian's speaking… you can relax now.

So when Jillian speaking about a three way interaction, she's not speaking about the three of us. She is speaking about when you two were interacting, your essence, hers and the field, the intelligence of what we call the reconnective healing field, the field that we exist in, which is different than the three way we have where it was my essence, your essence and the intelligence of this field that some might call God or love, science, will think of it as the fields. So there was a three way, there was another three-way. It's never just two, it's never just sending because Jillian is receiving and yet she is changing in that receiving and affecting the field and you are receiving from that field the same way we interact.

Jillian: I always like to speak with our students in the modern language of let's say technology. We become like Human Bluetooth's. So what we know about reconnective healing is that it's an approach. It's not a modality, it isn't a technique and that in the approach we're able to share like a human Bluetooth that we switch on a receiver quality, with this intelligence, the intelligence is scientifically referred to as energy, light and information and in that, no matter where we are, whether we are in a, I'm going to say compromise state with disease, whether we are a Olympic athlete, whether we are a mom, a dad, rich, poor, it has no cognizant, I'm going to say, need to know our human story. Our story becomes irrelevant. What it does is it seems to interact with what we'll call the other self, our essential self, the bio photonic aspect of us, which is light. So it has a intelligence, allows you and me to be like a catalyst for the exchange.

Eric: And in that interaction that we just shared, it was actually affecting your cells, affecting the DNA, each and every one of our cells, allowing for a greater emission of a more coherent or harmonic light that communicates balance and healing throughout your body at the same time throughout mine and throughout Jillian’s, so one person's healing becomes the healing of the planet.

Marina: Is it similar? I'm a Reiki Master/ Teacher. So is this similar to how Reiki energy works and if it is what is the difference? That is, it could be…

Jillian: A very good question.

Eric: It's inclusive of how Reiki works. In other words, Reiki use the symbols, right? And other things. Reiki has focal points of techniques and we know that there are many different Reiki in Chicago and things. So there are many different forms of that energy. What reconnective healing does is it allows us to release the techniques and access the entirety of what we've known as the energetic thing, the energy field and yet because it's brought in new aspects of life and information, it gives us all the gifts of the Reiki and expands beyond the energy field into the light and information. Ultimately, it allows you, when you let reconnective healing to become the healing and you embrace and embody everything that you’ve learned in healing and everything that you haven't yet learned.

Marina: That's interesting, so…

Jillian: And you're also releasing the need, I’m about to say, diagnose or treat and this is a really interesting part. When I say we're human Bluetooth’s, I mean literally we just become a receiver signal parable with everything around us at this sort of expanded quantum level and quantum mechanics is becoming, I think also more modern conversation. We know most of us that we are more than just our physical body. We know that we are a mechanism of biology. We know we're interacting with the atmosphere and in some ways this allows us to perhaps ask the question when I decide what you need and I direct with my intention, a particular focused intention. What is it that I'm not considering? I'm not considering that maybe my human educated mind doesn't know exactly everything that ultimately has become the, I'm going to say the, ultimate symptom that you’re expressing as the problem, be it spiritual…

Eric: Yeah.

Jillian: …Mental, physical, emotional, right.

Eric: But even not symptom, of our limitations of what we're able to perceive through our minds. Even if we feel we're being fed information from another place still simply doesn't fully comprehend it all in the greater picture where we might say, oh, I found the problem’s in the need, but we don't necessarily know that it might be caused yet by something else.

So this actually challenges the healer's ego, just step out of the way and instead of walking out saying, look what I did, you say, wow, I am so in awe of what the universe allowed me to witness, to participate as a witness and a catalyst.

Marina: So you become sort of channel right? Through which…

Eric: Well, it's actually more than that.

Jillian: You become a catalyst.

Eric: A channel bring something through it. A catalyst may do that also and yet affects a greater change, not only from coming through like a straw but affecting the entire field.

Jillian: I think the way I look at it is you're the inspiration. Even the practitioner in reconnective healing, in the actual facilitating of a reconnective healing session is simply there as a catalyst, an inspiration, a participant where they are witnessing and also observing the exchange. So we want to leave space for space time for the reciprocal universe, for the things that we are learning about quantum mechanics.

Reconnective healing I think has helped to establish what today we might call a field effect. Meaning you're receiving information all the time. Okay. That's part of what we'll call consciousness. We have all different levels now of consciousness. We have an active listening consciousness, which is really to be able to perceive and hear things on a multidimensional level, not just, you know, [clap] that in this day and age we would call passive listening. It doesn't require the observation or the quantum field to be in our awareness on any levels. So reconnective healing has been sort of defining, I think, expanding what we'll call the field that we're interacting with and it's now perhaps just this era in our human development or human evolution that we are starting to recognize, wow, we have this capacity. We are the instrument. Don't have to go to a special healer who lives on a mountain or is defined a church or has some lineage of shamans. We don't necessarily have to rely on even scientific research that tells us this is qualified, this is not qualified.

Eric: We appreciate the research for multiple reasons. It's nice to be able to demonstrate that something that we know exists actually exists for those questioning it. It allows people who, you know, wear science blinders, so they, I'll only look at it when science recognizes it instead of realizing that truth exists before science discovers it. Otherwise, science would have nothing to discover.

Marina: Absolutely.

Eric: You know, and also in this state of observation, we often confuse observing something as not playing a role in it. It's our willingness to observe that catalyzes and expands the healing stuff but I know we're talking a lot and you probably have a list of questions.

Marina: Yes, no, it's very interesting. It's a great, so if we can affect people's energy, can we also can the opposite be reversed too? So can we get like energy contamination? For instance? You know, we talk about vampires, the energetic vampires, or when you study Reiki, they teach you how to disconnect…

Eric: How to protect yourself.

Marina: …protect yourself. Is this something that the reconnective healing believes in?

Jillian: That's a really great question and the answer is no.

Eric: No.

Jillian: Because when you are in an exchange with this spectrum of energy, light and information, anything denser, anything less harmonic…

Eric: Anything heavier or denser than light itself really…

Jillian: …seems to fall away. So in essence, you are in an exchange where your cells are vibrating and this is measurable. There is hear and see to you in this exchange with this intelligence, with this spectrum that ultimately allows you to create, we'll say pathways. These pathways have no ability to, I'm going to say interact or in train with anything denser than light itself and to be honest with you, dark energy or darkness is simply the absence of light.

Marina: Yes.

Jillian: So we in reconnective healing aren’t in need or it isn't required, nor do people who experience this particular approach. It's interesting. Not only they're taking a thing, but they become the healing itself. It's there's like love, right? And we say, you know, to feel love, there's risk and reward. Maybe they're there today, maybe they're not there tomorrow. Maybe you know, he meant something at one point and then he did something and here you become love itself. There is a bridge that we walk over in this entertainment and molecularly our every cell in our body starts to become that level of coherency.

Eric: So when we become light, fear has no place to exist. Or we can’t love, fear has no place to exist. When we become light, it shows that the darkness was as Jillian said an absence was only an allusion. When we vibrate, resonate with the reconnective healing frequencies, it's like vibrating at a level or what I like to say is truth and when we vibrate as truth, our untruths that have limitations that are not really who you and I and anyone else is, there’s [unintelligible 00:15:02], just fall away and all that's left is the essence is the truth is life, is the love, that we are.

Marina: So is it connected to this Dr. Hopkins, the consciousness, the vibrational scale? We are, you know, we play on a certain radio station of love, joy, peace, and then the fear and all of the lower vibrations, they just cannot play on the same vibrational level. Is that something that you would agree with?

Eric: I wouldn’t say it is connected to that I would say is that Dr Hawkin's work has given us certain perspectives and views into understanding aspects of this. This is something that's measurable in the way that we can see and show that it exists and therefore parts of it, they may be measured on that scale, but it's not measurable in a way where you can find where it begins and where it ends because you can't, it seems to expand beyond what we've been able to have as the lineation. Would you say that?

Jillian: Yes, very much so. It's a great way to put it. The other aspect that is sort of interesting in the phenomenology of it is, it has no hope, faith or belief you will notice with the reconnective healing exchange that something in the engagement, something in the receiving eye passes the mind, so the story, the fear, the trauma, these are the things that ultimately are emotions and what we look at epigenetics and we look at neuroscience, so much of moving beyond our limitations can be mind to map. This is sort of, reconnected feeling is probably the next frontier. We're ready to mastermind [unintelligible 00:16:57]. We should be able to in this day and age, focus or thought and understand that that focused thought shapes and defines the matter that we are realizing in our daily life. Once we do that, we then need to recognize, well that was my thought or my intention. How often do you create an intention or a box of intentions and you've got them all thought out, but really you're thinking about your dry cleaning the or picking up the kid or your focused intention is limited by the very nature of that, it's that which you have want to put to your mind and it has a beginning and an end. This spectrum seems to be inexhaustible and something in it which we don't yet know. This is part of a new that we'll be doing in 2020 how to track with some of the new technology that's out there. It's directional. How is it that engages us without engaging our thoughts, whether they're happy thoughts or sad thoughts. It's sort of impervious, is that the word I want to use to our thinking mind? It seems to capture us in a very here now, highly transparent moment that seems to be in between awareness, thinking awareness and awareness awareness.

Eric: So when Jillian say this doesn't require that we have faith, hope or belief in it. What it means is it just is nice if you recognize it doesn't matter if you don't, it doesn't care whether you believe in it or not. It's just like when we sat down in these chairs, the chair supported us. I can pretty much promise you that we didn't have to believe in the chair. They’re just there.

Marina: Wonderful. So I have two very quick questions. So is it important then for a practitioner to kind of, you know, again, we talk about the other human modalities that you need to keep your channel clean, right? So you need to eat good food. You should not smoke or drink, have a toxic relationship in order to be able to heal others. Is that something that you are concerned about or again, it really doesn't matter?

Jillian: No.

Eric: And it's nice. It's nice to have a good relationship. It's nice to eat a healthy diet. Of course, if you asked to nutritionist what a healthy diet is, you will get three different conflicting answers.

Marina: Absolutely.

Eric: So it's nice to eat the best you can to have nice harmony, to have good relationships, but with reconnective healing, I would say simply that the frequencies keep the channel, clear and clean.

Jillian: And that's often not we find. So I'll tell you just really a quick little story. We have a student of ours who brought her daughter who has in her thirties suffered from depression her whole life, but she is super high functioning. She has a six figure plus [unintelligible 00:20:13]. She has managed her depression so perfectly and beautifully by applying focused attention around her darkness and the negativity that comes and many dark nights of the soul. She was getting married in like three weeks and mother dragged her to one of our presentations and just before that she had had a reconnective healing session and at the end of our presentation she came up and she introduced herself and said I'm the daughter of one of your students and I am having a little problem and I said, tell me and basically she explained sense her reconnective healing session that that she has known of herself her entire life and vanished. Meaning her depression was no where to be found. Her entire life was organized and structured around systems to keep at bay what you just described. Negativity and darkness and unhealthy behavior and that whole structure no longer needed because she couldn't find the depression she had and it literally vanished.

Now what did we do with that? We have to come to the realization of that moment that there is a capacity for us to heal, that it is a greater than what we're going to control. It's going to be greater than what we're going to establish, whether those are good habits or bad habits. So we find a new level of certainty in the chaos of just being human seems to emerge as we en-train by logically with this frequency.

Eric: So as you asked the question about protections, if we think for a moment, every time we protect ourselves, every time we bring protection into the healing equation, what are we really bringing into the equation?

Marina: Fear.

Eric: Fear and fear creates more…

Marina: Fear.

Eric: …fear. And so that begins an ongoing cycle and when people are trying to sell us on protective rituals or protective objects or amulets, what they're really selling us is fear but it's not just the object or the ritual and it's not just any fear. It's the fear that you and I are less than enough and so the way to let go of those fears that we carry in a closet, actually we're not even aware of many of them, is every time we're introduced to a protection in the healing field, don't do it. I'm not saying don't protect yourself by walking against the green or red light, but in the healing field, don't do it, either you'll die, which most likely you won't, or you'll become more the light essence than we truly are.

Marina: Wonderful. Thank you so much. So my last question is I run a rubric in Authority magazine that deals with moving from lethargic state of being to the living with a ravenous, thirst for life. What in your opinion is this joy, passion and this ravenous thirst of life?

Jillian: I think that to live an embodied life where you are inspired and in service, not just to another but that you are feeling motivated because you have a sense of autonomy, you have a sense of mastery and you have a sense of purpose, gives us this, I'm going to say new paradigm to really, I'm going to say live a connected life and to me this is available. This should be, can be is our God given right as we come in this form, we are here for that experience and reconnective healing is a mission is here really to express that every [unintelligible 00:24:35] in a human being, is here to be able to live that embodied freedom, love, joy.

Eric: Reconnective healing is here to change the world. It's not here to be another energy healing technique because the world doesn't need another energy technique and we're not here to do teach one. Today I believe it's shown to allow us to instead simply become the light and the healing that is our essence and in becoming that light then we shine in a way that others allow themselves to see their own potential.

Jillian: It's like a candle. Eric always uses this example. I really love it. What is the sound that you hear when a candle lights another candle and light another candle. There's a sound. The sound is [hissing sound] just the sound of inspiration.

Eric: Not inspiration. Just meaning breathing in.

Marina: Yeah.

Eric: But to inspire.

Jillian: So we get to be that catalyst from one another and I think when we choose to own that capacity, and we talked about this a little bit, it's not enough to just want to experience connection. We have to own the accountability that we have access and that access is something that we can share one-to-one. You know, let's start even right there.

Eric: So it is, the breathing into of the breath of life. That is healing.

Marina: I love it.

Jillian: We love you and thank you for having us.

Eric: Thank you Marina.

Marina: Thank you so much. What a beautiful interview and you definitely inspired, you know, I have so many ideas, so many questions that we need to repeat this. You know who we need to have a series of interviews with you.

Eric: We are happy to.

Marina: Thank you so much.

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