How to Use Your Angels to Live Ravenously According to the NY Times Bestselling Author Lorna Burne.

Every single person, good and bad, I always say has a guardian angel and that is one thing that is, you know, so many people have said, Lorna, are you sure? You know, they have a guardian angel and they be standing in front of me and I'd say, yes, you have a guardian angel right there with you

I had the pleasure to interview Lorna Burne, who is is an international number 1 bestselling author (her last two books have gone straight in at #1 on the UK Sunday Times Chart) with more than a million readers around the world. Her books, Angels in my Hair, Stairways to Heaven, A Message of Hope from the Angels and Love from Heaven have been translated into 30 languages.

Lorna has been seeing angels since she was a baby. Very unusually, she sees angels physically with as much clarity as the rest of us see people and she sees them every day. This diminutive, soft-spoken, uneducated Irish woman who did not talk about what she was seeing until seven years ago, says she has no idea why she can see angels when others can’t, adding that she is just an ordinary person.

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Thank you so much for being on this episode. You believe that angels are guiding our lives and they really help us remind, you know, remember who we truly are into grow, right? And they show up to solve our problems. They guide us on our way. So tell us please right now about your incredible, using all your angel stores that you have.

Well, thank you so much for inviting me to do this interview with you and to, you know, spread the word of, of love and goods and happiness and joy and peace and of course, of the angels of spirituality because that's some journey we all need to take each and every one of us and that is so important. So thank you so much.

Using all of my angels. That is one thing I would say to everybody, you know, if you, if you're a doubter or a nonbeliever and it doesn't matter, you know, what religion you are or whether you say to yourself, I don't believe in anything. Every single person, good and bad, I always say has a guardian angel and that is one thing that is, you know, so many people have said, Lorna, are you sure? You know, they have a guardian angel and they be standing in front of me and I'd say, yes, you have a guardian angel right there with you.

So you're never alone. They're there too and to guide you, you know, through life to give you, you know, thoughts into your mind or feelings, you know, all positive and good things and your guardian angel is the gatekeeper of your soul, but your guardian angel calls in even other angels to give you a helping hand is where [unintelligible 00:02:49], I know sometimes I might name these angels and one of them which people right across the world love and that is the unemployed angels, you know, and unemployed angels just help you with trivial things. Just say to yourself, I could do it an non-employed angel today in my life and your guardian angel, we'll have one there before we even knew spoke the words or the talk came into your mind and you do. I hear from so many people that, you know, they start to find that that day was easier than what they thought it was going to be. You know, and angels are very good at helping to cheer as up as well. They guide us, they can't do things for us, but they guide us and I know they can step over that free will that we have but you always have the choice and you know, just remember, you're never, never alone. Your guardian angel is right there. I've heard from even children, teenagers, young adults, older adults, and they would say, well, why, weren’t we told this long ago that we all have a guardian angel, it would have made such a difference in my life?

I read your book, “Angels in my hair” and I love, I mean, I believe in this, you know, I work with the energy, so I feel all of this different energies but I loved how you described angels is different characters. You know, they have personalities. Do you give them different names and how they intertwined with all of the main plot, you know, the main plot in the story. Tell us about how are they, how do they look, how do they feel? Do they really have different personalities or just talk about your experience with angels?

I don't know what it's like for everyone else, not to see the angels as I see them or not to talk to them in the same way and everything like that but I believe that will happen and for everyone, you know, everyone is in the world, you know, are in search of spirituality. We were starting to realize that we're not just human beings, that we're spiritual beings as well and as far as so too intertwined with our human self and I know that will happen and yes I have to smile, but yeah, you know, it's only when somebody says to me, you know, the angels have character where I suppose in one way I never noticed that myself, especially as a child and because they always told me to keep it a secret and not to tell anyone.

And being a child, I, you know, done exactly as they said, I never thought twice about it and if all of that happened, one time, and I think maybe I was two or two and a half and I was sitting in front of the fire with my little brother and I always called him my little brother, but he was older than me and it was when our hands touched, it was like his hand went into mine and mine went into his and there was such love and sparks everywhere. Just box flew everywhere and it was that time that the angel said, you know, I must keep it a secret.

I mustn't tell anyone and it was at that time as well, they told me that my little brother had died before I was born and I never questioned that because he was about five playing with me in front of the fire and they told me the fire wouldn't burn him so he could have this backwards, I couldn't, you know, and at times, but you have to remember it was only two, what, two and a half. You know, the young child doesn't question and sometimes when my mom be asleep in the armchair and I would see him as an infant in her arms, you know, and that still moves me to this day and of course, and you know, I called my first child after… I still call him my little brother and, but he was born before I was. So I called my first child, Christopher after him as well and just angels, they do have characters like angel hostess who I describe in the books and even up to today, you know, he would remind me, you know, and still does today as a, you know, one of these and masters in a college or you know, his long cloak on him and you know, a funny shape tash and sometimes he would be carrying a book and you know, like a scholar and at times he would be serious and other times, you know, the angels would make me laugh.

They would do something funny if I was feeling sad, you know, they will make me laugh and even angel Jimerson, you know, the gatekeeper of the earth, you know, that is calling out to us all at the time about how much our planet is changing and that we are forgetting. You know, that it has been a gift was all and, but sometimes when you get a gift we mistreat it and I suppose that's what we have been doing, but she's always reminding us, you know, take care of the earth, do what you can, you know, any little bit will always help in that way and you know, the first time I was introduced to angel Jimerson, he frightened the life out of me. He is such massive angel and he had this, what I would call, you know, a staff, a big stick and he tapped it on the earth and I remember legging it into the house because I could feel the earth vibrate under me, you know? And, but he's a wonderful angel.

And you know, the other, the other one who, well, there's so many who impressed me all the time, every angel does and, and they're all so different and, and yet, in one way, they're all angels, you know, and I never see hierarchy, if that’s the word. I can't always pronounce and words and I know lots of people talk about that say saying the list, but the angels have never demonstrated that to me in the way that it's kinda like, you know, you sit there if I say so, or I hold the rod or around anything like that and then of course, Archangel Michael, you know, and some of the other archangels, but especially Archangel Michael and many at times, I just call him Michael, you know, just Michael. He's, you know, such a friend. He's in my life so, so much and yet she's there for everyone.

And that I cannot explain. That I can't give an answer. I don't know how an Archangel can be with everyone at the same time, if he has to be, you know, to me that is very, that's incredible but Archangel Michael would often come and comfort me and you know, bring messages to me as well and go for a walk and you know, many a time I'd set the table, you know, for a cup of tea if they were all there, you know, I would sit at the table and talk and they of course couldn't drink tea, but I would be drinking tea and angels are real, you know, and sometimes at a talk and there might be a priest, a Bishop or a Rabbi or a minister or there's so many other faiths and one question, one thing they always say that is Lorna, we love the way you talk about angels and that that gives us permission to be here because you bring God nice and quietly and twist.

And I do have to smile at this. You know, the way that has happened. I talk about the angels and, but I bring God nice and quietly and twist and they would often ask, which may be just a few years ago and it started to happen. A priest first asked me and then more started to ask me, Lorna, is God real? And I'd have to tell the listeners, yes, God is real. You have a soul. Each and every one of us has this beautiful soul that is pure love. You know, it's, you know, that spark of light I call it, you know, it's so tiny but yet so enormous. It fills every part of you and goes out as well, but it dwells within you and again, that's why you have a guardian angel and that is why your guardian angel lists the gate keeper of your soul, I've never seen anybody in the world without a guardian angel because if I did that would mean they have no soul, so that has never ever happened and it doesn't matter and what religion there are, or whether they believe or not, I did just have to smile because it's so wonderful to see that and you know, your soul is pure love and sometimes we call that you know, the inner child or we want to find ourselves, we want to get to know it is that we were actually in search of the spiritual part of us sometimes what different fates kind of are afraid of is, you know the supernatural. That's what your soul is. That's what your guardian angel is. That's what God is. You know, no matter what your beliefs are, and angels are real, I see them everyday. Can't see your guardian angel. It would be on occasions I have been allowed to see on the screen that usually would be the TV, but it's very rare. It’s very seldom happens but I know if I was in the same room with you sitting across from you, or even if I peeked in the door and saw you, you didn't know who you were, I would see you sit in there, talking to someone but I'd see your guardian angel as well.

Your guardian angel never leaves you. Not even for one second. So you're never alone and some people were saying, even in the bathroom, and I'd say yes, no matter what you're doing, your guardian angel is right there. They don't look on us negatively. We are the most precious thing in the world. To your guardian angel, to your guardian angel that loves you unconditionally. You know, to your guardian angel, you are the most beautiful person in the world. You are unique. You are perfect. You are everything and to your guardian angel, it only has eyes for you.

Your guardian angel has no eyes for anyone else in the world. Just you and I think again, that is something that is so wonderful. I've had many teenagers coming up saying Lorna, that has given us hope. You know, that helps me to feel good that even if I'm not getting on with friends or there has been, I've been hurt and least I know my guardian angel loves me. Even if I was nasty. Sometimes they would say, if they weren't so nice to their friends or other friend wasn't so nice to them, your guardian angel never judges you whatsoever, just loves you.

That is incredible. What a great knowledge really. Now I've experienced something like this. When my father passed away, we actually interacted. He gave me feathers. I would find feathers and I would know it from him. You know, I open my computer, there's a feather. I go to a Zumba class. There's a feather. Yes. So that was a moment where I felt the presence and I really loved it, but then I lost it. You know, as time went fast. Do you have any concrete tools of how can we develop that connection and sensitivity? Maybe not to the extent that you have it, but so we can feel it because it is a wonderful feeling really and we're humans who want tangible things, you know?

Yes we do and I think that is wonderful but remember at that time you needed that. So the soul of your father will always be in and around you and you will feel his presence when you really need him. It's like, you know, your guardian angel calls in the soul of your dad or anyone else that you loved or are you liked even, you know, in that, in that way we… How can we way, I would just say to not to people just, just become aware that you are a spiritual being as well and it's kind of, you know, let your soul be free. Allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to see and I believe everyone can see, you know, and, one exercise, I have been given people all around the world and that is to try and get a glimpse of the guardian angel.

And I remember when asking, archangel Michael, you know, how can I tell people how to do this? And he just looked at me and then I just said to him, nothing complicated place because we wanted simple. So he gave me three things and they are fairly simple and one was, you know when you're going to work or you're passing a shop widow or window in the house or whatever and you're not looking at the window or anything, but you catch a glimpse of your guardian angel in the window just for a second and every time that happens it's like for you to acknowledge, yes, I did catch a glimpse. The first time you may not be even able to make out what you saw, but it's like to acknowledge it. I think to acknowledge it to your human self and to your soul and ask for you, your soul to come forward and more so and for you to be more open so that the next time you catch a glimpse, you acknowledge again and I believe that it get clearer and stronger for people.

And the other one was, which was I had to smile and was like, puddle of water on the ground and you're rushing for a bus or whatever, or you're a teenager and you're walking to school or you know, that way you could catch a glimpse of your guardian angel in the puddle of water just for a second.

And the third one was, and the wing mirror of a car and I remember saying, Archangel Michael, but this, lots of modern cars coming in and these members folded and turned around to me and said, Lorna, this lots of old cars in the world still. So that’ll work and I remember, you know, am telling this, that, you know, again, if you're going to work or going to school or you're a mother, you're going to the shops and you could catch a glimpse just by… you're not looking, you are just kind of go, Oh, did I see something? And again, it's to acknowledge it, but I heard from this lady who said she was going to work and she said she was conscious that maybe one day it would happen and she said to herself, and if it happens, great. You know, and she said she didn't think of it after that shoe, this morning she was rushing to work and of course she did catch a glimpse, of archangel angel in Willmar and she said, I had gone past it. I was rushing for a bus or whatever she was rushing for and I was afraid I'd miss it but I stopped after I had passed. I was so shocked. She said, she said to herself, am I have to getting a glimpse of my guardian angel? And she walked back to the wing mirror of the car that was there and she looked into it and she saw nothing and she locked all around to see, you know, is the mirror picking up any reflection at all, you know, and she saw it wasn't and she told me what she saw and I just have to smile at this. She saw the tip of her Guardian angels finger, you know the nail, she saw the shape of it, everything and she said it was just like gold, all of light and it was so, what would you call this? You know, so bright that she realized as well that when she got the glimpse at that moment she didn't really see the wing mirror cause the light of the guardian angels finger took over the wing mirror you know, she was able to, as she told about more, she was able to describe it more in detail.

So if it can happen for her, it can happen for anyone and I said to her, well hopefully next time when it happens, your guardian angel will give you more of a glimpse then just the finger. Yes. People all around the world would often say, you know, I know there was an angel there with me. Or they would say, I did get a glimpse of an angel. It's like, you know, sometimes the elderly would say to me, Lorna, I have seen an angel, you know, but they would say, I'll only tell you, because if I tell anyone in my family, they’re gonna get senile and put me into a nursing home.

So I think we have to be more open to the elderly, the younger have to be more open to absorb their wisdom that they can give us as well. You know, it's like the grandmother passing on wisdom for her not to sit, be afraid to say she's saw an angel today.

You know, we've got to make the children more and more aware and another thing I love is, you know, when I'm doing the blessing after lecture and on the workshop, and sometimes there'll be a family there with a load of children and the younger ones, I would say to them, you know, do you know what the name of your guardian angel? Most of them will say yes and they will tell me and the parents are standing there shocked. We never knew they knew the name of the guardian angel but you see children, they don't see a reason why they should tell you.

So parents should ask, should say, do you, by the way, has your guardian angel told you it's name? And I know over throughout the world now another thing I had asked was that when a mom is pregnant, you know, and the baby's born, don't just teach it mama dadda, you know, ask from the very beginning, how is your soul? How is your guardian angel today? Allow the child to be more open so that we can have a better world. You know, we need it, we need a better world or wherever that moment is kind of, you know, topsy terrible but there's lots of good and positive things there and I'm sure, look at all the miracles that happen in my life. If miracles can happen in my life, they can happen in yours.

Talking about the better world, you know that United States right now is rated number 18 on the world happiness scale. Why do you think it's happening? And does it have to do anything with perception or not, but you know, being cut off from the angel world or what do you think?

Well, I know you have read angels in my hair and, but I know, I think it's in stairways to heaven, I start to talk about the American gathering angels, you have been gathered from all over the world. You know, you are the new race. You're, meant to grow spiritually quicker than the rest of the world. It's up to you and I guess that's why my God is sending me to America just to let people know and, and it's your choice. I can't force anything on you, but I believe the American people can do it. I have no doubt whatsoever. You know, and you know, you're the new race. It's like every time I get off a plane, the atmosphere is so different in the sense of that. How can I describe it? It's like, it's full of electricity of positive and good, you know, so it's kind of open up, you know, change the world for the better but I know at the moment in America things are kind of up and down. So I would just say love each other, you know, don't judge like one thing when I'm doing workshop or that, you know, and the angels would say to me, Lorna, tell everyone to stand up. Give everyone around them a hug. They don't have to know them and say to them, I love you. It's one word that is so, so powerful and we don't say it and now you know, we need to say more.

My segment in authority magazine is called living with the ravenous thirst for life and for me, ravenous living is accepting life with all of it, you know, ups and downs and not only being in the positive necessarily stayed and only concentrated on the positive side because negative gives us a lot of inspiration and transformation work. What is for you to live with the ravenous thirst for life and how can we accomplish it?

Well, wow. What a question. I believe we all have that inside of us, even, when we're down or sad, we still have that inside of us. I have seen it so many times and I think it's something that we need to remind ourselves to live life to the fullest, to enjoy every single moment. Even if it's, you know, someone is giving out to you or when you’re down or you haven't won that race, but you must enjoy that race. You know, it's very important for us to enjoy everything or even when more cold or even when we’re hungry, you know, to feel that, to enjoy it. That's feeling like that's that word, the ravenous for life. It's everything. It's, you know, as you said, the positive and the negative and we need both. They both help to guide us.

Like some people would say to me, Lorna, you know, life is so hard on you. I would never change one thing of my life cause I wouldn't be who I am today. Only for I went through everything that I have gone through, you know, and we need to have that zest for life and that's one thing I think in the world today, everywhere it's lacking. You know, and people are saying the [unintelligible 00:28:17], you know, they're giving up on things instead of saying, let me try this and see how I do it. You have to remember that each and every one of us are unique and none of us can do something like someone else. It's like I can't be you and you can't be me and in one sense we're not focused on living life, feeling life that ravenous was, I can't even pronounce it properly, that we're just so focused on what someone else is doing and we think they're successful. They do that better than me, but they don't do better than you.

The way you do it is completely unique. You know, and it's full up of its own life and its own positiveness and I think we're forgetting that. It's like even loving your path. No one can love your path the way you love it, you know, no one can grow that plant the way you grow that plant or that tissue [unintelligible 00:29:24], you know, three other people could cook the same dish but they’ll all taste different. They won't taste the same because you're putting your life into that, your ravenous into that and you should never compare yourself to anyone else because you are unique. You're perfect. You know, live life to the fullest. It's like we was lashing raining out there and you feel like going out into the rain and, and stretching your arms out and just feeling yourself, getting yourself soak and wet, enjoy it. Feel life. We have even children are not allowed anymore to feel life. I remember little story, I’ll try and keep it short, but I remember, a young man, been in an horrific accident and losing some of his limbs, losing, you know, so much of himself physically that he was fighting for that ravenous for life to live and why should we wait for something tragic to happen to live life. Go and live as you know, you go for a walk, enjoy that walk, take enough fresh air, you know, let it come in and go out and clear your mind. Clear everything within you. Just feel life. Even feel life with the air. We've forgotten. It's like as if lots of things haven't been passed down. We kind of maybe feel we're too intelligent or too bright and everything is to do with technology and, but some of the futures I have seen, technology has nothing to do with the child that crosses the river without a bridge. I mean not walking in the water, cross it, that has nothing to do with technology.

That has to do with the intertwining of the body and soul of us growing more spiritually, recognizing that we're not just a human being. We're true beings. We're a spiritual being and a human being and we haven't accepted one and so many of us cry out, we want to know that in our child or we want to know that loss we feel, we call it so many different things through generations and through different religions and all kinds of different things, but it's the soul. It's the spiritual part of us. It's that supernatural part of us that we're kind of still in denial. We still kind of like [unintelligible 00:32:14 ] was one of the things probably talking too much, but that was one of the things that I, when I wrote the first book and I was scared of, I was saying to archangel, Michael, you know, I'm dyslexic. I can't read. I haven't been educated. They are going to laugh at me and ridicule me, and I was actually scared of that, you know? But you know something now it doesn’t matter because it has done so much good for so many people right across the world of all religions and none and you know, to help someone else. That's what it's about. That's what life is about. It's like you go down the road and you're living life, you're feeling accessed. When you're feeling that's accessed, if you see someone that needs help behind with a shopping bag, give them a helping hand, you know, or they need a smile, a hello, give them a smile and a hello or stop and ask them, how was your day? You know, it's kinda live life. Don't think that life is just all about the material things and work because you're missing out in life.

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