How Your Subconscious Keeps You Addicted?

Many of us make a decision to go to the gym, start eating clean have healthier relationships and... stop drinking, smoking, etc... But in reality, no matter how hard we try to stick to these positive programs, no matter how much we understand, that these new behaviours would change our lives for the best, we often fail.... We fail so much that we might not even be aware of when we turn back to our old habits. Often, my clients tell me, "I try to go to the gym but I ended up in the bar. I have no recollection of how I even gotten there.."

Today we will talk about why even a smart, educated person, who understands the detrimental impact of alcohol (smoking/ drugs) on their physiology, continues their self-destructive habits… as if they have no control over it. As illogical as addiction might seem to the outsiders, it actually has a very logical explanation: