Limited Beliefs: Your cruise control that leads to a CRASH

Imagine you are driving 40 miles an hour on a busy highway. Cars are flying by you and you wonder if everyone is crazy.... 'cause you see signs with the 40 mi speed limit along the road for the past 2 hrs. but everyone is SPEEDING...

You look to the side and you see your best friend passing by pushing 90 miles an hour. You dial him urgently, "Are you insane? What is the rush! You know you will get pulled over! You are driving 50 miles over the speed limit!"

The friend responds, "I don' know what highway you are taking but on my there are no speed limit signs"....

This is what happens when we allow our limited beliefs to control our lives... We are crawling along our highway called life, following limitations we created on our own... NO ONE ELSE SEES THEM!

In this short video let's learn about your limiting beliefs and use a practical tool to transform them into effective life scenarios.


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