Puppy Love, Divine Love, and Dynaspheres (an Interview with Dale Pond)

Do you know what love really is? According to Dale Pond you, probably don't! Most of us believe that love is an infatuation, yet during his research Dale Pond fond the key to the Universal love... and create an equipment ( Dynasphere) that generates and emanates love around it. Listen to this incredible interview where we discuss Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, different types of love, and Dale's incredible creation- dynasphere.

Check out our video interview or read the transcript below

Marina Kostina: Thank you so much, Dale, for being here with us. You have dedicated a big part of your life to shedding light on the lost work of John Keely’s Sympathetic Vibratory Physics.

Dale Pond: Right.

Marina: Could you, in very basic terms, explain what SVP is for our audience?

Dale: I've tried to frame this in four simple steps, and I would like to start with quantum acoustics.

Marina: Quantum acoustics…

Dale: Well, applied…

Marina: Applied quantum acoustics. What does quantum acoustics mean? What is it?

Dale: Well…

Marina: I understand that it has something to do with vibration, that all of us are vibrating, there is a natural law.

Dale: Well, that description is quite limited. But let’s talk about vibration, sound and vibration, on whatever level. It’s an acoustic level that we can hear—an audible level— all the way up to radio frequencies, light frequencies, gamma-ray frequencies, and then the mind and all of the universe. All of it together and they all operate on sympathetic vibration.

Marina: Wonderful. So, I'm a woman, and I want to, of course, talk about love… but I want to talk about love from the position of SVP. How would you explain what love is vibrationally? Why do we fall in love or out of love? Where does love come from? What is it?

Dale: There's many different kinds of love. The love I talk about in my science is the universal love the binds the universe together. It's not puppy love, it’s not infatuation, it’s not sex or being married or anything like that. This is the love— the glue— that holds the universe together, and it's a universal, undifferentiated love. No ego, no intellect, no hot or cold… it’s just it. Sometimes it is said that God is love.

Marina: In your opinion, what is God? What is God for you, for your science?

Dale: Everything you ever thought you knew about God is too readily… set it aside for a minute.. while I try and describe what I have been coming to know that's God.

It's love. It's unity, as in “unison.” There is no division that's undifferentiated at all, as one. It's a term that we use as “sympathy” and for things are in sympathy with each other, which means they're in tune; they are as one. There's this grand sympathy. Throughout the universe and God is that sympathy, a connecting link that is behind all that is. It's not anthropomorphic; it's not some old guy sitting on a cloud— I mean, we ought to stop the nonsense.

Marina: Right.

Dale: Since God is our undifferentiated consciousness, it’s who we are: consciousness.

Marina: Would you say that all our sickness, trauma, and our heartbreaks… all of the unfortunate events in our life… happened because we are, at that moment not in this same vibration with the “God vibration”?

Dale: There's a school of thought which says that we are responsible for everything that improves our life. We break a leg, or we lose our business or spouse or whatever— we brought that on ourselves by some form of thinking or behaving—mostly thinking, and speaking. And so, when we think something, you send another vibe and it comes back to…

Marina: Well, crystalized water is in different patterns, yes.

Dale: Yes, everything echoes back to us what we express: whether it’s thought; whether it's yelling and screaming; whether it’s joy and play or love or whatever. The universe is bringing that to us. If you have a nasty thought about somebody, and then when you talk about it, that's all going to be in broadcast and it will come back. You will suffer the consequences. The responsible or spiritual organizations out there teach how to be upstanding; always be positive. Cultivate yourself so you're not thinking negative thoughts or unwarranted thoughts or anything. Clean your act up, is what I’m saying.

And your life will smooth them off. We get all rough from tumbling and yelling and screaming. We get reactive— you know what they call reactive— you start being reactive, the universe comes back to you, just like that.

Marina: .... and hits you with a “frying pan”, haha

Dale: Yes, and it may not be tomorrow or the next month or next year. It could be the next lifetime. Only circumstances can bring that about. It’ll be lying in wait and you’ll say, “My Gosh, look what happened!”

Marina: So, you believe in karma…

Dale: No, I believe in cause and effect. Thought is the main cause in the universe, so, whatever you your thoughts are, they set in motion consequences, and they can be good consequences. So, if we cultivate our thinking, and we have good positive thinking all the time or as much as we can, our life starts to reflect that.

Marina: Do you have any techniques for people? It's easy to say, “Okay, be positive,” right? But if your whole life, you grew up in a family where you’re constantly rehearsing the negative script, how do you break it? It's really hard to break. What are some techniques that you recommend for people to break that negative pattern?

Dale: First off, those are just habits. It may have been cultivated your whole life, but it’s just a habit and we can modify habits into another type of habit. The thing to do is to is to learn to watch yourself. Observe what you're saying and doing all day long. When you catch yourself saying something like that, say, “Wait—I’m not going there” and you detour. Just think of something else or say something else. You don't beat up on yourself; you don't incriminate yourself; you don't pass judgment on yourself. Just, “Oh, I’m not going to say that,” and just catch yourself. That's really all it is: you're making a correction.

Marina: And so, the more you do it, the more aware you are of those moments when you go down-- you spiral, right?

Dale: Yes. Always, always, treat yourself well to be able to see that. Especially when you don’t want to beat yourself up. Just say, “No, I’m not going there, I’m not.”

Marina: Yes, we’re not taught that value. We’re not taught that. We are taught guilt and shame and…

Dale: Be judgmental.

Marina: Be judgmental of yourself and others.

Dale: Correct. How do you learn to be with this love that's in the universe? We already are. You train yourself to be a more loving type in general, a responsible human being. This is just a minor training— it might take a lot.

Marina: You see, we are all one magic pill, right? Magical pill in this time, day and age. It is a new habit; you need to build it, right?

Dale: It's just a matter of replication.

Marina: Alright.

Dale: Consistency and persistency. And you’re going to slip… we all slip.

Marina: Yes.

Dale: Next time, do better, but never berate yourself, never self-condemn yourself ever… worst thing you can do. At the end of the day, you’re like what your foot print is. You slip there and you slip there and you’re okay, “I did good here, I did good over there and next time I’m going to ___.” You’re your best coach.

Marina: Yes, that’s great. So, can you please tell us… you are here in this conference and you have this incredible equipment, Dynasphere. Could you explain what it mimics? Two of the natural principles, right? In nature, everything rotates, but what does it do? We're going to show that machine to our audience, but there are some incredible things happening around that.

Dale: It is pretty much serendipitous. We read the old literature and the stories of Keeley made this gold motor. We had different names for it. They would rotate and it could power industry and stuff. So, we said, “Well, we can make one of these,” and yes, he did it, we can do it. We thought we were making a free energy machine, purely mechanical motor-- a generator. And so we built it, and by the way, it’s the most amazing four months of my life, building this thing.

Marina: I can imagine.

Dale: And we got it all built. There's an energy conference in Denver, and we take it there. First time out in the public. I'm telling you the whole story, so to answer… there's a lot.

We take it the energy conference and they're sitting there on a table, and they’re displaying it wrong. I come back from lunch one day, there are all these women standing around it. They have their hands up like this— like they're warming their hands on the fire. First off there aren't many women in a conference like that and they're all gathered around. They're all very somber.

I said, “What are you guys doing?” One of them said, “I’m standing here feeling the love come off this machine.” They all nodded in agreement. My whole life kind of flashed, because I wasn't feeling any energy. I made that… she was feeling an energy; they were all feeling an energy and she chose to call it love. And they all agreed with it. I didn't have any idea what she was talking about. I mean, “Oh, my gosh, what's this?” This was a part of it that we had no clue about in the beginning.

We took it to a metaphysical center, and we had weekly meetings. I told them about the women. I said, “I don't know what's going on here, but you guys are going to be the guinea pigs. You're going to come in here every week and be around this thing. You tell me what you feel, what you experience.” Mostly women… the spiritual-type woman. I said, “I'm going to stand in the corner, so I don't interfere with you guys.” My job, at that point, was to take note about what was going on, and over months, this was going on. In the meantime, I’d go downtown, and I was looking in the book storage for anything that had love in the type.

I want to know what this thing is, because I didn't have a clue. All those months, I began to realize that I was learning what it was and what’s going on within. We saw feelings; people get feelings all the time. Then I began to get an idea about love and I realize, 6 months into this, that nobody knows what love is. They might think they do, but when you start getting those levels… you know, I'm really motivated and dedicated to what I'm doing. So, I'm not being dumb about this. I’m really digging into it, and it became quite clear that very, very, few people know what love is, like we talked about in the beginning.

Marina: Yes.

Dale: This universal love. “I want, I care, I love,” that’s not love that’s…

Marina: Selfish.

Dale: Infatuation. This universal love, that's what the atmosphere is pumping out: universal love— it’s what those women felt and women are especially sensitive to it.

Marina: Does it affect the energy around it? What if we install this everywhere in the world, can we solve all the issues?

Dale: I think so, because we saw the transformation of people who around it, when they come around repeatedly, they start to transform. They may not recognize what that energy is. Women are very sensitive to this; they get it really quick. Put your inner self, the real self, that is love, which has been in prison in our ego, in or maniac beliefs and everything. It says, “Oh, I recognize that. I know what that is.” It starts to work its way loose; it starts expressing himself and the person likes that. You know what I mean by wake?

Marina: Yes, of course.

Dale: Wake up.

Marina: Waking up, yes, to it.

Dale: And I thought, “Wouldn't it be a great project to make a hundred of these, spread them all over the world…”

Marina: I'm for it.

Dale: Some people say that's not true, but it’s no coincidence. People start tapping until, pretty soon, the whole room starts tapping their toes.

Marina: Yes.

Dale: If you had a hundred of these things spread around the world, in good places with the right people, something's going to give. We've had lots of people wake up around and lots of people being healed around it.

Marina: That's incredible! I can't wait to go near it, that machine, and experience it myself.

Dale: Sure, sure, come on. You know it’s here and you could feel it.

Marina: Thank you so much for this incredible interview, for all of your knowledge and everything that you do. It's a new habit for the whole world, but slowly bring more of that love that, unfortunately, very few of us really experience in this lifetime.

Dale: They’re coming up, they’re popping up everywhere.

Marina: Popping up everywhere, I love it! Thank you so much.

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