What is the Root of All Disease? (Interview with Dr. Klinghardt)

Do you know what the root of all disease is? In this interview I offer an interesting perspective provided by Dr. Klinghardt- a famous multi-talented doctor, who successfully combines both traditional and non-traditional medicine in his research and practice. Dr. Kilnghard and his Klinghardt Academy have demonstrated successful reversal of such difficult illnesses as: autism, cancer, lime disease, etc... Listen to this incredibly interesting interview loaded with some shocking facts and expand your awareness of the problems we are currently facing in the US and in the world.

For those who prefer a transcript of the interview, I provide it here for your convenience:

Marina Kostina: Dr Klinghardt, thank you so much for being here. You are an icon and I can't believe I get to talk to you. You have an incredibly diverse background. You have practiced and worked in both the United States and Europe. Also, you have a medical degree and use Eastern healing practices. Would you please tell us, with all of your knowledge, what do you think is the root of all disease?

Dietrich Klinghardt: That's an easy question to answer.

Marina: Oh really? That's good.

Klinghardt: It's the action between the environment that we live in and the human body. The last 3 million years have set us up to be healthy for our whole life— if we would live in a healthy environment. But the environment that was with us for 3 million years, we changed dramatically in the last 200 years, and especially in the last 30 years.

Health is not truly possible in the current environment and so “non-health” is the current norm. We're all trying to figure out how to bring the human body forward in time where it can exist in the current toxic and electromagnetic environment that is so dramatically changed, that we honestly don't see a possibility of complete health.

There is a possibility of relative health, so when you ask me the causes of the illness, it's pretty easy. There are 20,000 human-made chemicals not in the environment but already in our body. They interact with each other and it's all potentized by the electromagnetic radiation that we have that breaks up the blood- brain barrier and breaks off the cell wall.

It turns on the wrong enzymes at the wrong moment, so we have a big task ahead. Older people, they’re pretty resilient, but people that grow up in this toxic environment, now toddlers and young children, there's almost no possibility that we’ll see healthy adults coming into the future, which is some of us worry about.

Some people are excited about it. Some see it as a business opportunity. The media completely cooperates with what's needed for these adverse conditions.

We're all surprised in the healing community and find ourselves pretty much on our own. We see a disaster unfolding, and look for who else is there, who understands and sees this. We try to communicate with the people that could make changes. So that's pretty much where all of us scientists are right now.

Marina: This is a very sad picture and terrifying to hear. You say that most of us have some sort of chronic disease at this point, and that the United States is leading. How come? Why is United States in this difficult situation right now?

Klinghardt: A recent statistic examined 42 countries for genuine health and longevity; U.S is amongst the last three. We are dependent on medicine. It’s very clearly the fluoridation of the water, which calcifies the pineal gland, which is a dominating role in our endocrine system. By calcifying it, you're mobilizing it. This sets us up for a lot of dysfunction of the body.

Some of us believe that the pineal gland also connects us to the higher world and disconnecting us from that. Some of us suspect this is intentional. We’re setting the stage for chronic illness, and then adding in the ever-increasing vaccine program, which we know from good published research. There's glyphosate in vaccines, which can lead to lead poisoning, and all the vaccines are tested as retroviruses.

It’s possible to make clean vaccines, and I'm certainly not against vaccinations. But the way that vaccines are used right now— it's completely irresponsible and setting the stage for chronic illness later in life.

Then there is this engineering program, which I really shouldn't talk about… there's lots of nanoparticles in the air that we breathe, which has been shown to shrink the volume of the brain, which dumbs us down. It has huge effects on the environment. The oceans are now covered with a layer of nano-beads of plastic, spiked with aluminum and titanium. These are meant to be suspended in the sky to shade the strong, excessive sunlight but… whatever goes up, goes down. So the oceans are blanketed by that.

The media are all looking at the plastic bottles and other things that never break down to these nanoparticles. It's manmade stuff, covers the oceans and prevents the oceans from evaporating water. The whole atmosphere is drying up dramatically, creating deserts at unprecedented speeds with the planet; we're watching that unfold too.

The last thing is the toxins in the food chain: glyphosate and atrazine and the chemicals that are used to make vegetables bigger and crops bigger and to kill insects. Along with that, the good soil bacteria is killed. We'll say, okay, there are so many people on the planet now— we need to feed them. But there are alternative farming methods which would produce just as beautiful crops. They're little bit more hands-on labor. Most people in the world would be willing to do that if they know what the real price is for toxic food production.

But again, the media is cooperating with the forces-at-large. People are not informed and cannot make an informed choice, so in the U S we're leading in the use of glyphosate, toxic food… we're leading in toxic air. India's now trying to catch up. We get our children the largest amount of vaccines.

We're the only country that—throughout the country— uses fluoridated water. It is completely unscientific. What may work is painting teeth with fluoride, but what has been shown is drinking it in water doesn’t work: doesn't prevent cavities, but it lowers IQ.

In Germany I was average at everything, maybe high average, but I was average. I came over here to America and I saw occasional lights of incredible intelligence, but very few. I suddenly moved to where I was one of the more intelligent people in the larger group of people, which was for me a wonderful. But I realized that America is in the process of committing mass suicide, by the way things are done here.

Whatever the forces are behind it, we really don't understand. We no longer believe that it's about money or even power. It's about control, but we do believe that there are forces behind the government that the government is not in control of (we won’t discuss). When we interview people that are in high positions, in government or even in the Secret Service, all of them are good people but they don't see the big picture.

Marina: There's lack of education and awareness. Absolutely.

Klinghardt: The big picture comes together in a doctor's office. Then you see children with autism every day that break your heart. You see young men, 25 years old, being bed-bound. For years, already having missed all the years of joy and development. Your heart is broken as a physician every day by what you see, and you see the causes of it, that are so preventable. The picture emerges that there is a lot behind the scenes to make it this way that can no longer be explained by choices. We did some stupid thing here and the stupid thing there. Suddenly these come together with the stupid things that are lining up. We, the people, have to speak up.

Marina: You have really great experience with reversing certain diseases like cancer or autism, right? Could you talk a little bit why you’re successful with this?

Klinghardt: Yes. I have an institute, Klinghardt Institute, where we give people very clear guidance of how to move themselves out of the illness, and also how to prevent it. I will leave you with a few steps. The following are rules for people in the US.

1st Rule: You must switch off your Wi-Fi router, at least at night. This will stop the intrusion into yourselves and into your brain, from energies that have been shown to be damaging. It's as easy as flicking the switch.

2nd Rule: Get the aluminum out of your brain, of your body. We do that with groups that have high silica content. We have the main aluminum research in the world. Professor Chris found a particle that removes the aluminum from the brain very effectively and in a relatively short time. We use a little bit of biophysics. It's an ionic foot bath. We have shown that it dramatically increases aluminum excretion.

3rd Rule: We need to get the glyphosate out of people, and we do that with peat bog extracts. It's a black kind of fluid that has humic and fulvic acid in it.

These are the three big things that I request people to start with and then we'll look with my diagnostic system. These are the things that people are affected by. It's a foundation. The reason why most physicians have no success with chronic illness is because it can be those three things. By doing those three things first, we move more into the realm of normal functional medicine, looking at deficiencies. In particular are the toxins and trauma, psychological trauma, and physical trauma, just with common sense issues.

Marina: Could you please explain very briefly the autonomic response testing technique?

Klinghardt: To make a diagnosis, we do lab work and physical exam imaging techniques. We developed, out of the many energetic testing techniques, a special testing technique based on my doctoral thesis.

My thesis was on the autonomic nervous system— I understood this is in the mid-70s— that the autonomic nervous system regulates every function in the body. We need to take a closer look at that. Every chronic illness is accompanied by dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system. If you can correct the autonomic nervous system dysfunction, you can correct chronic illness, even metabolic changes, chemical changes, the system that regulates our metabolism. Everybody looks at the metabolism, the biochemistry, the cholesterol, and we can lower this and the blood sugar. But the pancreas and the liver, they're all organized by the autonomic nervous system.

So we developed a system that was evolved from an understanding of acupuncture. It's also called electrodermal testing, applied kinesiology. My main big mentor was a Professor Omoru of New York, a Japanese-born genius who developed another form of muscle reflex testing. I extracted from a different system the things that I understood directed at assessing the health of the autonomic system.

It’s a very brief, simple exam that we’re adding to the medical exam. It gives us not only what and where the body is ailing, but it gives us why it is ailing… what to do to fix it. A good exam takes no more than 20 minutes and so it's very wonderfully easy to incorporate it into any medical practice. We have brain surgeons using it, we have heart surgeons using it, but we also have massage therapists, herbalists, homeopaths, and faith healers doing it. The technique is the foundation and can be applied in any healing capacity.

Marina: Wonderful! Thank you so much. What are you currently working on? Or is it a secret?

Klinghardt: No, it isn’t a secret. I practice both in Switzerland and in the U.S. The wonderful thing is that the U.S is about 8 to 10 years ahead with the illnesses. I can gain the knowledge here and bring it back to Europe and say, “Listen, don't do this— because if you do, this will happen.” In Europe, I have more people listening to me.

My main focus, at this point, is education. We see the seriousness of where we are going and the damage that is created by the current environment. The issue is growing exponentially. Even people that don't see it today— in two or three years— they will. It's very rapid.

We've lost 75% of all insects in the last few years and with them, 75% of the songbirds. Maybe a few people will wake up. We already had the issue with the bees, and but there’s all these insects right now, so I'm really working more on ideas of agriculture. We had a big meeting in Europe, 800 or 900 people, educating them on alternating forms of agriculture, how food can be grown for everybody on the planet, and that it's a mess. The planet can easily feed 32 billion people; we’re not overcrowded. It’s just the way we’re individually living is not sustainable. So, we're working on models of agriculture, lifestyle, transportation, and energy. It is sustainable. That's one of my passions.

Marina: Thank you so much for this and for bringing that awareness to all of us. Hopefully this video will spread more awareness about this very difficult problem that we are facing right now here in the United States, especially. Thank you so much for your work.

Klinghardt: Thank You. It was an honor.

Marina: Thank You.

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