Ravenous Life Healing VIP event

April 11, 2021

advanced appointments only

 After a rough year and cold winter, we are left lethargic and cranky. Spring is your chance for magic and wellness!


Experience 3 healing modalities at introductory rates.


Take advantage of our abilities and your self-nurturing.


~Understand your situations and options by divine Tarot with Kendra


~ Heal and release emotions using the energy from stones and crystals with Elena

~ Learn your beautiful, powerful energy fields with aura photo and analysis by Marina



- Hydrate with Petal Sparkling Botanical Water!

- Shop healing goodies - handmade with higher vibes and love: bath bombs, candles, crystals, chakra boxes, teas.


3 MODALITIES (20 min each) FOR JUST $88

Book full sessions after your introductory ones!

1. Reserve your spot by paying $88 to Venmo: Marina Kostina or zelle: info@drmarinakostina.com 

2. Reserve your spot by clicking the button below

Your Healing Guides:

While Kendra Lockhart was born clairaudient, it was a Holy experience in church at age 8 that showed her the source and purpose of spiritual abilities. Studying and practicing for over 30 years, she divinely closes our gaps between self and soul. Knowing the Unseen, and being its metaphysical facilitator is her deepest service to our mental and emotional relief.

Kendra is a second-generation astrologer, energy worker, and uses tarot as divination for your clarity and understanding of blocks and questions in life.

Elena Mihaylova is a Crystal Healer, Energy Artist, and Jewelry maker. She uses her gift of healing to purify people and charge them with new, upliting energy with the power of gemstones. As an artist, her goal is to create artwork that can bring positive energy around it, just like the sun. Elena is the creator of the Orenda workshops in which participants paint magical Orenda symbols with different meanings. She creates bracelets made with healing gemstones which help the wearer achieve their needs.

Dr. Marina Kostina is a leading biofield analysts in Chicago who have scanned the auras of thousands of people all over the world. Recently called a “female disruptor” by Thrive Global, she is known for her innovative approaches to help her clients move from their lethargic status quo, to lives full of passion, purpose and joy through hypnotherapy, energy work and retreats to beautiful foreign magical lands.