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Healing Reiki Session

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How does Reiki work online & in person

Reiki (pronounced Ray - Key) is a Japanese light-touch or no-touch energy therapy method for restoration and healing.  

This powerful energy healing technique balances the chakras and restores the energy to a balanced and healthy state.

Our Mental-Emotional-Physical-Spiritual bodies are linked together by energy chakras (energy centers), auric field (areas of influence of our chakras), and meridians (energy pathways).

Over time, obstructions and impediments to the natural and healthy flow of Ki or Chi (life force energy) can cause significant impairment in one's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. 


During a Reiki session, the energetic system is cleansed, refreshed, and restored  and awakened to new levels of possibility and optimal functioning.


Review our customers' testimonials that demonstrate high effectiveness of Reiki both online and in person:

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