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Reiki for Love

 Reiki for Love and Intimacy

Use Reiki to form a stronger connection with your life partner. Sometimes the stresses of life and family cause our energy to get out of alignment. That can cause difficulty in communication, which can lead to breakdowns in our quest for love and intimacy.


How Reiki Helps Couples


Dr. Marina Kostina is a skilled Reiki practitioner who uses her gifts to help couples break through the barriers. She helps align energies in ways that put them more in sync with each other’s needs.


  • Restore harmony in your relationship

  • Find the problem zones that cause you to feel disconnected

  • Gain a deeper understanding of each other’s needs


Reiki for Two


Reiki for Two promotes healing within the relationship. It encourages both partners to expand how they see themselves and each other. Dr. Kostina teaches them how to gain awareness of issues and keep them from coming back as recurring issues within the relationship.


Work on your love and intimacy issues through Reiki by calling (319) 594-553.


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