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Reiki Master Course

Reiki Master Course Offering in Chicago IL

Learn how to heal others and yourself by taking the Reiki master course offered by Dr. Marina Kostina. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to use Reiki to heal others by helping the body’s energy forces align in their natural state.


What is Reiki?


The practice of Reiki involves using special Japanese energy therapy methods to reinforce emotional and spiritual restoration and healing. It removes any blockages keeping us from living the lives we deserve. Our body and spirit return to a natural state of existence, allowing us to move forward in a positive direction.


Dr. Kostina’s courses are conducted by Dr. Usui. They are open to beginners, those looking to expand their Reiki knowledge, and those preparing to become certified Reiki practitioners.


What You Gain From the Workshops:


  • You become more attuned to Reiki

  • You learn techniques allowing you to remove emotional, physical, and energy imbalances

  • You learn Japanese Reiki Techniques

  • Learn to understand and apply the Hayashi Healing Guide and hand positions.


Sign up for the Reiki master course offered by Dr. Kostina by calling (319) 594-5530.



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