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Reiki Power

Unlock Your Potential Through Reiki Power

Use Reiki to unlock your potential and get through the spiritual and emotional roadblocks holding you back in life. Dr. Marina Kostina helps you get through the feeling of being “stuck” and having no purpose in life. She teaches you how to see the best version of yourself and come up with tangible ways to achieve what you want in your life.


Live the Life You Desire


Dr. Kostina’s program helps you along through three different phases.


Phase 1


She helps you uncover the root of what has been holding you back. You learn to unlock the power housed in your conscious and unconscious mind. Dr. Kostina helps you remove blocks on your energy keeping you from getting to the next level.


Phase 2:


Dr. Kostina helps you identify bad habits and stop you from falling back into destructive codependent habits.


Phase 3:


You learn to take command of your happiness. Dr. Kostina teaches you how to block out those things impacting your happiness. Absorb the knowledge needed to help you avoid obstacles that can you off-track. Stop yourself from giving into thoughts that put you in a negative emotional spiral.


Sign up today by calling (319) 594-5530.



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