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Sound Healing & Bioenergy Analysis

June 5th, 5pm or 8 pm
1714 W Lawerence Ave. Chicago, Il, 60640

Up Your Vibe

If you feel out of key and in need to tune up your energetic and emotional state join our honored guest Jay Taylor, an artist and a sound healing practitioner on this unique sound voyage and find stillness, peace and joy from within.


Relaxing, beautiful sounds of Jay's magical instruments will help you calm your mind and reach a state of deep meditation, creating lasting changes on a cellular, molecular level. You will be able to SEE your own bioenergy before and after the event through the Dr. Kostina's analysis conducted via state-of-the art scientific equipment. 


Here science meets healing & arts

During the times of the pandemic, many of us experience chemical imbalance, nervous breakdowns, and increased negativity. Everything is constantly vibrating. When our cells are vibrating in harmony with each other we are calm, clear-headed, focused, peaceful, and healthy. When our body is vibrating in dis-harmony we feel anxious, short-tempered, scattered, restless, and uncomfortable.

The ancient healers intuitively knew this and utilized sounds in their practices using instruments such as the gong and singing bowls that possess the power to re-harmonize the body and release stress. This occurs through a phenomenon known as entrainment through which our cells are brought into resonance with the precise and powerful vibrations of each instrument.

Studies in psychoacoustics have  also shown that sound healing with these instruments have the ability to positively affect the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows down heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and activates healing in the body. These vibrations have the power to positively change your biofield (an energy field that surrounds your body) and harmonize the energy flow in your organs, chakras and meridians.

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What to expect?

Everyone experiences sound vibration in their own unique way.  In general, Sound Meditation can support participants through:

1) releasing stress.

2) finding a deep state of relaxation. 

3) improving sleep

4) becoming more accepting of themselves and others

5) increasing joy

During the session you will lay on mat in a comfortable, relaxing meditation listening to the healing sounds. Prior and right after the session you will receive a bioenergy scan followed up by a complete analysis report via email, that will contain: 

a. a picture of your aura

b. a picture of your chakras

c. a full description of your predominant aura

d. bioenergy detailed report on the energy flow and energy balance in your entire body

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Sample Sound Healing From Jay

Sample Energy Reports with Dr. Kostina

What to bring?

Mats and sanitizers will be provided. Please bring a blanket and a pillow

COVID-19 safety:

To ensure everyone’s safety we will have cohorts of 10 people at a time (thus we have limited spots for each time slot).

Masks and hand sanitizers will be provided

A Special VIP Offer

Take advantage of our special offer

  (Sound Healing With Jay, Aura Picture, Chakra Picture, Main Color Report & Bioenergy Analysis Report)


($260 usual value)

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Reserve the 5-7pm spot

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Reserve the 7:00-9pm spot

About Jay Taylor


Jay Taylor is an inspirational educator and a former special education teacher.  Jay is a Chicago-based musician that has been spreading his sound healing across the region.  Jay has facilitated over 800 meditations in the past 3 years over 300 of which were donated to Chicago hospitals, addiction centers, and non-profits.  Additionally, Jay shares his meditations at a diversity of venues including Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, BIAN, East Bank Club, Studio 3, Ritual Hot Yoga and many others.  Most recently Jay partnered with the suburban yoga studios known as Ahimsa to co-found and direct the Ahimsa School of Sound Healing in which Jay teaches curriculum, retails healing instruments, and offers meditation.

About Dr. Marina Kostina


As researcher and a practitioner Dr. Kostina combines traditional education (PhD, coaching and hypnosis) with esoteric training (Reiki Master/ Teacher, bioenergy healer). She is the leading biofield analysts in Chicago and scanned the auras of thousands of people all over the world. Dr. Kostina is also fortunate to have worked with various celebrities, such as Kanye West, Lorna Byrne, Mike Dooley, and Her Holiness Living Saint Amma Sri Karunamay.