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An Award-Winning Life & Business Fulfillment Coach, Dr. Marina Kostina delivers hands-on, engaging workshops and speaking events. If you’re looking for someone remarkable on the topic of self-empowerment and transformation as well as  finding joy and passion in business and life .. you just found her. My message is deeply relatable, actionable, and proven

–and it’s changing lives around the world.

Whether you’re looking for a short inspiration or hands on full day workshop, I will not only motivate your audience but I’ll also give them hands-on tools that are based on research and will help them change their lives. As a former teacher I know that engaging the audience is the key to knowledge retention and that application of what is being learned is a guarantee of successful integration of new tools into their lives. 

Sample Topics:


Dr. Kostina's business and corporate speeches focus on  the following areas: 

- How to Charge What You are Worth Without Selling Your Soul

- 3 Secrets Powers of Your Business: Your Money Archetype, Your Business  Type & Your Marketing Persona


As an inspirational speaker Dr. Kostina helps her audience with the following topics:

- Superwomen Don't Wear Spanx; How to Use Your Pain to Find Your Greatest Gifts

- Find the G-Spot Of Your Soul: How to Find your Life Purpose & Start Living a Ravenous Life

- Inside the Mind of an Addict...(Can it be... YOU?)..

_Living With A Chronic Illness: A Curse or A Gift?

- At home among strangers, A stranger among his own ( A Path of An Immigrant)

- Kamasutra for Your Soul: Seduce, Enchant & Fall In Love With Yourself

- Male & Women Archetypes: Why You Are Stuck & How to Move Forward?

- "Mother Teresa Syndrome": How to Stop Being Abused, Used and Taken for Granted


As a spiritual teacher and a bio-energy healer Dr. Kostina talks on the following topics:

- You Are What You Broadcast..

- The Science of Energy and Emotion

- Raise your Vibes, Raise Your Standards

Sample Speach

Signature Talks

How to charge what you are worth without selling your soul?

There’s a major problem among many heart-centered entrepreneurs:charge more. You will learn 3 steps that will help you get psychologically, energetically, and emotionally READY to raise your prices, choose the services that resonate with your life purpose, AND market them in the way that is aligned with your soul


Superwomen Don't Wear Spanx

In this presentation Dr. Kostina demonstrates that negative emotions that are frowned upon in our society are actually our best guides in life. Fear and pain often point at our biggest gifts. She suggests replacing our tendency of avoidance with a capacity to embrace, which can relieve our suffering and allow us to release an untapped capacity for pleasure. The presentation ends with a signature technique created by Dr. Kostina, that literally gets you of your seat and sets every participant in action for discovering their gifts.

Find the G-Spot Of Your Soul

Do you feel like you were born for more? Do you sense that your BIG breakthrough is about to happen- you are just waiting for the signs from the Universe? You can be waiting for 5, 10., 20 more years. It is time to act.  Dr. Kostina will share 3 actionable steps that will move you from the “lethargic state” (passive, broken, & broke) to the "diamond" state where you live your life’s purpose, filled with passion and joy, sharing your gifts with others and where your happiness does not depend on the good or bad opinion of others.


Shimmy Therapy

Check out Dr. Marina Kostina's signature Shimmy Therapy where she sets the crowd on fire after her speaking presentation.



WGN Radio Interview with Dr. Kostina

Reiki for Love


“I recently participated in Dr. Marina Kostina’s “How to Charge What You Are Worth Without Selling Your Soul” workshop and got quite a bit out of the experience. Marina keeps things light and injects a sense of humor in her teachings while also resonating with some very deep paradigms that can use a shift or be totally done away with. I could see that she not only helped me but the other participants embrace a whole new zest for expansion of our self belief to truly toss out old ideas of why we may not deserve a certain business service hourly rate or project fee and own what we actually should be charging. I exercised this new way in the last two proposals that I wrote for potential clients and won BOTH of them! I’d highly recommend working with Dr. Marina so that you can start moving in this very positive direction too. Thanks again for everything, Marina!”

Jeremy G. CEO Digital Marketing and Photography | www.ChicagoMarketingSolutions.com

Previous Speaking Engagements

Previous Speaking Engagements

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