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Welcome to the "Money with a Soul" Online Bootcamp 

Abundance. Freedom. Profit (with ease & grace)

Before we start, I would like for you to do these quick fun exercises to determine your current state of self-worth and the most important areas of your life that we will be working on.

Stacks of Coins

I Commit To This Program And Promise To:

~  Do All Homework As It Is Assigned To Me 

~  Not To Share My Journey With Anyone So I Don't Get Influenced By Other People's Fears And Blocks

~ Understand That When I Feel Annoyed It Is Because My Brain Does Not Want To Change

~ Trust The Process


Module 1:  ABUNDANCE: 

raising self- worth to raise net-worth


Module 2:  FREEDOM:

Be authentic in EVERY step of your business


Module 3: PROFIT

Stop over-giving & under-charging


Module 4: Bonus Resources to Keep the Soul of your Money filled

Copyright 2018  Dr. Marina Kostina.

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