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Usually hypnosis session are done one to one. But in situations this is not possible because a potential client is not able to come to the therapist and needs a surrogate to access the mind of the client.  For example, Client is unable to speak or hear, is in a coma, is a baby or has physical restrictions (paralyzed, is in the hospital or jail)

In these cases a surrogate hypnosis session (an indirect form of therapy) is recommended. When applying this kind of hypnosis, the hypnotist doesn't work directly with the person having the problem, but with a surrogate.

When doing a classical surrogate hypnosis session the child's mother "slips" into the role of the child so that suggestive or even analytical work can be performed with the

mother in this way.


Disclaimer: It is important to have the consent of the client as we respect the boundaries and privacy of the client and their FREE will!



I am applying surrogate hypnosis by way of the Simpson Protocol, so I connect the surrogate's Higher Mind with the Higher Mind of the person having the problem – the client.


Distance is not a factor. You can even have a Hypnotist in Toronto, the Surrogate in Sao Paulo Brazil and the Client in a different city in Brazil, conducting the session over the internet!!!!


In many cases the surrogate work is performed by and with parents on behalf of their children. Those who consider the theories about "morphogenetic fields" (Dr. Rupert Sheldrake) or about the collective subconsciousness (Carl Gustav Jung) to be too fanciful can think about the effect of the surrogate hypnosis that with any deep deliberate connection between the child and parent in Hypnosis – will by definition make a stronger connection between the two.


 As a result also the child will behave in a different way and also will be perceived differently, in turn causing a positive reinforcement of the effect on the parents.

You can heal a pet too!

Pets can be worked on a surrogate also! Dogs and Horses seem the most amenable,, but some cats might have a great rate of success also. It all depends on the pet! Watch a short video about my personal experience being a surrogate for my pet's hypnosis session:

$500 for 3 sessions (regular)


$270 (quarantine discount)


Because of the high volume of customers all appointments are made via text (319) 594-5530 (no calls please)

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